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New Boygroup Child of Empire Introduce Themselves + Performances

New boygroup Child of Empire is set to debut mid-October. They released an introduction video to introduce each of their 9 members. Yes I know. Reminds us of male SNSD eh?

Especially after looking at this picture…doesn’t it remind you of the type of cover SNSD had for ‘Baby Baby’ and ‘Gee’? Except with girls obviously LOL


credit: KBites

  1. Moon Joon Young – Micky YooChun’s lookalike
  2. Kim Dong Joon – Youngest
  3. Park Hyung Sik
  4. Ha Min Woo
  5. Jung Hee Chul – Good in acting and musicals
  6. Kevin Kim – Good in English
  7. Hwang Kang Hee – Good in expression mimick, next JoKwon
  8. Tae Hoon
  9. Shi Wan – The fashionista

They had a guerilla concert on the 29th of September, and performed some hits of other sunbaes such as 2PM, DBSK, and Rain.
Go under the cut to see all performances

Rain (Bi)’s ‘Rainism

2PM’s ‘I Hate You’

DBSK’s ‘Mirotic’

Intro to Justin Timberlake’s ‘Sexy Back’ + ‘The Way I Am’

Other than the concert perfs, we’ve also got a pre-debut performance and a dance cover of 2NE1’s ‘Fire’
2NE1’s ‘Fire’

Pre-debut Perf


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