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[091012] MV Releases (w/ T-ara+Supernova+Secret+JQT+4Tomorrow+Lady Collection

We’ve got a couple of MV releases today so I’m just gonna put them all in one post.

T-ara + Supernova Project Group’s ‘TTL (Time to Love) Listen 2’ MV
~this time, ALL the members of both groups come together…dang that’s a crapload of ppl o.o

New girlgroup Secret’s MV for ‘I Want You Back’
~this is their debut song
~known for having an ex member (Jeon Hyoseong) for a group called 5Girls
~having debut stage on M!Countdown on the 15th

New girlgroup JQT’s MV for ‘I Fell For You’ MV
~o.o are you kidding me…
~once again they dressed all punk-rockish but in fact…IT’S THE CUTESY CONCEPT AGAIN UGH
~to be honest…i didn’t watch past the 30 second mark XD less, like 20 second mark

4Tomorrow’s ‘Tomorrow’ MV!
~this one’s been highly anticipated. if you dunno, it’s a project group composed of UEE (After School), Han Seungyeon (KARA), GaIn (Brown Eyed Girls) and HyunA (4Minute)
~it’s apparently also part of an endorsement CF for Samsung
~the song’s not that addicting imo i’ve listened to it multiple times but it’s not rly getting to me. it’s an ok song.

New Trio Lady Collection’s MV for ‘A Guy Who I Know’
~actually this trio’s got some gd vocals…they remind me a bit of Brand New Day


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