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DBSK’s Court Mediation Fails; Decision Coming Soon


Gosh…what’s going to happen? THEY KEEP SAYING THE RESULT WLL BE OUT SOON BUT IT’S STILL NOT T.T waaaaaiii making this so intense for fans???

credit: KBites

The three members of group Dong Bang Shin Ki who have unfair contract dispute with their agency SM Entertainment presented at the court secretly on last October 13th, however had failed to reach agreement with SM.

Previously on October 12th, the two side had submitted a final official stand documents that have been required since early this month for review to make final decision.

At the end of July this year, 3 Dong Bang Shin Ki members (Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu) filed their disposition application to Seoul Central District Court to terminate the exclusive contract effect against SM Entertainment.

Reportedly on July 30th at 4 pm, wearing sunglasses, the members entered hurriedly to the side entrance of the court building. They secretly received report about the trial request date and other information regarding the case was not disclosed. There was no appearance of the fans, and even most of court staffs couldn’t recognize the three members who disguised themselves just like ordinary civilians and they could move without any fuss.

On August 22nd the legal representative of the 3 members forwarded members’ thought to the court, “We found it very difficult to improve and reach our goals in this industry if we live under SM’s management with all its terms and conditions.”

It’s also reported that, “The arguments happened with SM Lee Soo Man regarding this dispute already reached our highest limit of emotion.” Meanwhile the other two members who don’t participate in the legal case and still have listed activities with SM said, “It’s not possible to breakdown a group of 5 people who actually still want to work together.” showing their intention to keep shinning together as a group.

After the failure of yesterday’s mediation between two sides, court won’t summon the 3 members any further and will make its final decision soon.

Translation by: SYC

Additional info:

In the past three months, DBSK members and SM Ent attended at the Seoul Central District Court to coordinate the process of the case. The court agreed that both sides should come up with an amicable decision but because of the differences between each other, the agreement did not end the conflict.

For TVXQ “They have the deep feeling that their goal which is changing their work conditions seems to be difficult to reach”.

The court is planning to make a difficult decision for both sides later in the month.


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