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[091017] Debuts+Goodbyes on MBC Music Core

Like I said, I’m just posting some performances that should be noticed. The show this week was pre-recorded last week and was supposed to air the day before the Dream Concert, but a baseball game ended up longer than usual, so MuCore was cancelled. So if you were wondering why none of the new boygroups have debut stages,  or why SHINee didn’t have a comeback stage here…that’s why.

Epik High’s Goodbye Stage with ‘Wannabe’
~they’re saying gdbye cuz DJ Tukutz has gone off to enlist.

KARA’s Goodbye Stage with ‘Mister’
~this is super creative and totally epic. GLOW IN THE DARK PANTS

Ewha Woman’s Debut with ‘No Crane for Chickens’
~they won the university competitions and I guess now they’ve decided to come seriously on the music scene. just so you know, Ewha’s a uni

T-ara + Supernova Project Group Debuts with ‘TTL (Time to Love) Listen 2’
~as most of you should know, the original vr only had part of the members from T-ara and Supernova from it. this is considered a debut since well, now ALL the members are in it and the song’s technically ‘new’


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