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[091018] SBS Inkigayo Goodbyes, Comebacks, Debuts

Again, just posting the stages of particular interest. I don’t have time to watch em’ all or recap them all so ya…OH BTW, Taecyeon and Wooyoung are BACK as MCs ^^

SHINee’s Comeback with ‘Ring Ding Dong’
~k i was WAITING for this comeback on inkigayo so obviously watched it…i like sorta these outfits more…and the hair here is better than their stage on mubank on fri…Taemin’s clothes remind me of Ryo from Deathnote though LOOOOL

G-Dragon with ‘A Boy’ + ‘Billie Jean’ by Micheal Jackson
~his group member Taeyang will be making his solo comeback next week

MBLAQ Debuts with ‘Oh Yeah’
~k i’m totally having a bias of MBLAQ over BEAST…Lee Joon really likes to show off his abs XD he knows too well he’s goodlooking…and Mir reminds me of Hongki…facewise…i love his rap in the beginning
~honestly I like ‘Oh Yeah’ more than BEAST’s ‘Bad Girl’, and the dance moves are cool. Netizens are calling them ‘chic-dolls’, which means handsome idols. which they definately are. except G.O. IMO…that 5 oclock shadow and the glasses have GOT to go
~their clothes on M!Countdown was better though..the yellow blazers/vests/hoodies o.o meeeeeh (reminds me of sorta like 2PM switching up colors for their outfits for Again & Again)

BEAST Debuts with ‘Bad Girl
~yeah like i said before…MBLAQ>BEAST for me…not that BEAST isn’t good of course

B2Y Debuts with ‘Jeez!’

Run with ‘Strong Girl’
~technically he’s not debuting…but this is new. he was previously known as E.Bul and now he’s back known with a new stage name, Run. His music isn’t bad at all.

T-ara + Supernova Project Group with ‘TTL (Time to Love) Listen 2’
~digging this song!

MC Mong with ‘Horror Show’

KARA’s Goodbye Stage with ‘Mister’
~all you KARA fans out there, don’t worry, they’ll be back mid-November with a new release


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