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2PM with a New Album in November

2PM will be releasing a new album in November. I’m glad they’re moving on. Not because I don’t want Jaebum back, but because it’s unfair to the rest of the 2PM members. They can’t just sit on their butts forever if Jaebum never comes back. And like I’ve said a million times, Hottests/Clocks are going to kill the rest of 2PM if they keep this boycott up.
On a side note, Jaebum will be revealing how he’s been doing for the past month back in his hometown of Seattle on a new KBS show ‘Into Sunday Night’ on October 25th. Many people are anxious to watch this show, because it’s believed Jaebum will reveal his decision whether to return or not. Well, whatever happens, I obviously would be very happy if 2PM because 7 again, but I’ll support whatever happens. Because it’s their decision to make, not ours.

credit: allkpop + Nate

Although it’s been a month since Jaebeom traded 2PM for Seattle, the fan feud has only heated up between supporters of 6-member 2PM and advocates for a seven-member 2PM only. However, despite Korean & international Hottests’ protests, JYP Entertainment is officially ready to move on.

A representative from the agency has confirmed that 2PM will release a new album mid-November.

The album was originally planned for an October release; however, with Jaebeom’s sudden withdrawal, JYPE was forced to push the date back. Furthermore, JYPE has been faced with significant pressure from boycotters, fans and public opinion alike. Many Hottests have threatened to boycott any six-member 2PM products, and are expected to follow through with their words.

It looks like JYPE & Jaebeom are finally on the move again; as we reported earlier, Jaebeom will reveal his state after the September scandal on the new KBS 2TV show Into Sunday Night on October 25.


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