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[091028] MV Releases (w/Big Bang + 4Minute + Seo In Kook)

Big Bang’s got a new track ‘Let Me Hear Your Voice’, and they released the MV for it! The MV gives a rly holiday feel, which is great, because the weather over here is crap right now XD

4Minute’s ‘What a Girl Wants’ MV
Yay to no more crazy flashing lights XD and less autotune too.

Seo In Kook and Lady Collection under the cut

Seo In Kook, the winner of one of Korea’s biggest audition shows, SuperstarK, revealed his debut MV. He’s been topping the charts with his debut song ‘Calling You’. Hope he does well!

Lady Collection with ‘Watch Secretly’ MV
From their debut album. They’re a good group. Good vocals, and their song style varies a bit, so you can hear all sides of them. They remind me of Brand New Day.


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