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[091030] New Song + MV + Preview Releases (w/Heechul + Park Bom + Big Bang + SNSD + Zhang Li Yin)

Several good things revealed today from a few popular artists…including Heechul of SuJu, Park Bom, Big Bang, and SNSD.

Heechul of Super Junior stars in a drama called ‘I Love You 10 Million Times’. For those who don’t know, it’s not the first time Heechul has acted; he was actually an actor before a singer. Anyway, he sang a solo song called ‘Chobyul’ for the drama OST, and it has now been revealed! We don’t usually get to hear Chul much in the SuJu songs, so finally we can just hear him alone!

Song previews to Park Bom’s ‘You and I’ in different versions (AR, accapella, MR, and instrumental)
Have to say that I didn’t like the song that much when I first heard it, but then after more listens, I began to like it more. The song’s doing very well on various music charts right now, which is unsurprising to me.

Big Bang, SNSD, and Zhang Li Yin under the cut

Preview of Big Bang’s upcoming OST track ‘Hallelujah’ for Iris. TOP is in the drama, as well as Lee Byung Hun and Kim Tae Hee. The drama is doing extremely well, as predicted.

SNSD with ‘Chocolate Love’ MV Version 2. Same song, just different clips in the MV.

Zhang Li Yin’s ‘Love Me’ ft. Henry of Super Junior-M has be revealed. It’ll be one of the songs on her 2nd single album. I…don’t like it. XD I’m not a fan of Zhang Li Yin at all to be honest. I liked ‘Timeless’, but that was a remake of Kelly Clarkson’s song, and it was because of Junsu’s feature in it that made me like it more also.


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