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[091130] MBC New Life for Children (w/ SNSD + SHINee + SS501 + 2PM)

MBC New Life for Children concert had some idol stars performing. It’s for a good cause after all, and also gives us entertainment! Anyway, here are the perfs and special clips. SNSD with ‘Tell Me Your Wish (Genie) + Interview + Special Clip (selling coffee and raising money) Under the cut: -SHINee with ‘Ring Ding … Continue reading

[091130] CF + MV + Vid Releases (w/ SNSD + After School + Kim Hyun Joong + Jung Yong Hwa + Kazuya Kamenashi + Tegoshi Yuya + Kim Bum + Kim So Eun)

New SNSD CF for Samyang Ramyun + CF Making After School, Kim Hyun Joong (SS501), Jung Yong Hwa (CN Blue), Kazuya Kamenashi (KAT-TUN), Tegoshi Yuya (NewS), Kim Bum, and Kim So Eun under the cut

T-ara ‘Like the Beginning’ + ‘Bo Peep Bo Peep’ MVs Released!

T-ara is releasing not one, not two, but 4 MVs! One for ‘Like the Beginning’, one for ‘Apple is A’ and 2 for ‘Bo Peep Bo Peep’. The MVs for ‘Bo Peep Bo Peep’ are set in two; one for 15 + and one for 19+.  And the ‘Like the Beginning’ MV has been released! … Continue reading

SHINee’s ‘Can I Touch Your Face?’ nana’sB CF

Should be working and finishing up my 23485y459832 papers but er rofl spotted this and spazzed a bit HAHA SHINee’s new nana’sB CF! Erm no Jonghyun, guess he was sick w/ H1N1 when they filmed? I dunno. ANYWAY, each member takes turns going ‘Can I touch your face?’ (I know it sounds like face fetish-y … Continue reading

[091128] Key (SHINee) Imitations + Dances @ Idol Maknae Rebellion

More proof that Key should be a girl loves girl dances =PPP SHINee on Idol Maknae Rebellion! The vid I wanna emphasize on is of him dancing to Lachata by f(x), Sign by Brown Eyed Girls, Gee and Genie by SNSD XDDD And of course, to show a more masculine side to him, he dances … Continue reading

鄭元暢遭瘋狂女Fans狼吻 (Joe Cheng/Zhang Yuen Cheng Kissed by Crazed Fangirl)

OH LOL model/actor/singer Joe Cheng (It Started with a Kiss, Love or Bread…) was having a fan signing event in Hong Kong and he suddenly got kissed by a fan XDDD Admittedly he is goodlooking, but hahaha when those kind of things happen, the celeb will definately be freaked out. And no, it wasn’t on … Continue reading

Boyband A’ST1 to Disband???? T.T noooooo

Rumours have it that boyband A’ST1 is going to disband T.T This is really really unfortunate. I really enjoyed listening to this group. DSP really lacked in promoting them. and that whole thing about them saying they’ll beat Super Junior or wtv, obviously had a huge impact on the group, since ELFs will probably choose … Continue reading

[091129] SBS Inkigayo

Good lineup today! =D After School’s Comeback with ‘Because of You’ and ‘When I Fall’ ~~yesssssss both songs =D both songs are so nice ^^ and they’re so prettyyyy! ~~IMO, better performance today than their stage on Music Bank, vocals were good Other great performances under the cut: -2PM with ‘Heartbeat’ + #1! ~~grats to … Continue reading

[UPDATED] Lyrics to T-ara’s Absolute First Album

T-ara lyrics! The girls released their first full length album Absolute First Album on the 27th and I went looking for lyrics. Again, no translations because I’m not Korean and i know very very limited Korean. But there’s hangeul and romanizations, so you can sing along. I admit that I’m enjoying the album quite a … Continue reading


Bandage on ACN. Talks about the film and shows some clips of their press conference. Reminds us that it’s coming out on the 16th of January! There’s chinese subs muahaaaaa…this is from the 27th. And…LANDS on CDTV on the 28th! They talk a little bit and then a live perf ^^ It’s cut short though … Continue reading

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