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[091101] SBS Inkigayo

It’s November! Happy…er…november? XD And if you live in America, remember to set your clock back one hr! It’s no longer daylight saving time now! (need to do that for my clocks!)

-SHINee with ‘Ring Ding Dong’ + #1!
~congrats to them! they won #1 on K-Chart on MuBank on Fri, and now they win the Mutizen! AND they win #2 on the mobile ranking! awesome weekend for them!

-Ivy's Comeback with 'Touch Me'
~liking the song more and more ^^ it was a rly great perf; her vocals were GOOOOOD
~her MV got banned LOL no surprise there…and she said she'd be wearing pants from now on because when she wore the skirt, it was rly hard to dance in since she felt that it lifted up when she moved XD

-Andy's Comeback with 'Single Man'

-SeeYa's Comeback with 'His Voice'

-Hwanhee's (Fany) Solo Debut with 'Because I Missed Your Heart'
~now i keep wondering when Brian will debut solo!

-SS501 with 'Love Like This'

-4Minute with 'What a Girl Wants'

-Secret with 'I Want You Back'

-T-ara + Supernova Project Group with 'TTL (Time to Love) Listen 2'

-MC Mong with 'Horror Show'

-Wheesung with 'Trickling'

-Digital Music Chart w/ BEAST's AJ (Lee Ki Kwang) and Yoseob

-Wooyoung + Taecyeon (2PM) MC Cut with 'Only You' + 'Bad Girl' by BEAST
~2PM are making a comeback on Music Bank on the 13th!!! =D (friday the 13th…bad luck day over here…not that I believe it cuz 13's actually a lucky Chinese number rofl)
~i like their hair now…i hope they keep it like that for their comeback! the MV teaser's out on the 2nd…which is technically tonight!!! can't wait!

SHINee with ‘Ring Ding Dong’ + #1!

Ivy’s Comeback with ‘Touch Me’

Andy’s Comeback with ‘Single Man’

SeeYa’s Comeback with ‘His Voice’

Hwanhee’s (Fany) Solo Debut with ‘Because I Missed Your Heart’

SS501 with ‘Love Like This’

4Minute with ‘What a Girl Wants’

Secret with ‘I Want You Back’

T-ara + Supernova Project Group with ‘TTL (Time to Love) Listen 2’

MC Mong with ‘Horror Show’

Wheesung with ‘Trickling’

Digital Music Chart w/ BEAST’s AJ (Lee Ki Kwang) and Yoseob

Wooyoung + Taecyeon (2PM) MC Cut with ‘Only You’ + ‘Bad Girl’ by BEAST


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