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Okay, i’m already pissed off, and now the piece of crap news appears. I was BOILING when I read this. OMFG GAAAH! wtf! if they adjusted the contract properly, then it shouldn’t be 13 yrs which is against the freaking law!!!! they adjusted the contract, yes, BUT IN THEIR OWN FCKIN ADVANTAGE!!! I’M BOILING RIGHT NOW. OOOMG THEY WANT DBSK TO PAY BACK CUZ THEY MISSED OUT ON THE MONEY THEY COULD’VE MADE?! THIS IS BS! AND just because they didn’t complain before doesn’t mean they can’t complain now. people have breaking points ok. they may have put up with it, but it doesn’t mean they have to put up with it forever. And DBSK been big for ages! GAAAAAH PISSED OFF PISSED OFF
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SM Entertainment will hold a press conference today regarding the conflict with TVXQ/DBSK/Tohoshinki.

Lawyers of SM Entertainment said:

“The court’s ruling for TVXQ is not fair. They didn’t consider the main reasons of the case. Their long contract is so that we can let them grow and have a long term deal with them. We want to look at their career in the long run and the court’s decision is not letting us do that.
This is going to affect TVXQ’s international promotions. It’ll also create confusion for stars that want to have long term contracts and move on to bigger things later in their careers and for the companies that want to nurture talented people for a longer time. Not only that, it’ll have some unwanted consequences on exports of Korean music as well as other issues.”

They continued to say:

“Each year, we adjusted the contracts in favor of the members. Before this problem, the three members never complained about anything. Now that they have succeeded this much, they are complaining. They have just started to reach the top and now want to separate. Before a final decision is made, the three can do their personal and individual work. However, we did not acknowledge the right for the three to work as TVXQ.”

Because of all this, TVXQ has not been able to work and SM Entertainment will seek to receive compensation for damages during the time that TVXQ has been inactive.


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  1. The government says Junsu, Micky, and Jae were right.
    What is SM and others now to speak out not only against them but against the whole nation? Are they going to sue the government now for lost profits?!?
    This thinking because they can make anyone who works for them do anything is what got SM in trouble in the first place. SM and others need to just shut up.

    Posted by Jade | 091102, 2:12 PM

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