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Jaejoong + Junsu + Yoochun Deny Having Interview Regarding SM Case

It’s been confirmed by Jaejoong, Junsu, and Yoochun that they NEVER had an interview with Sports Seoul (HERE). Ridiculous. The things reporters and news sites will do to recieve attention…disgusts me. Can’t even trust the media. Can’t even read news about DBSK without wondering if it’s true anymore <.<

credit:http://www.cbs.co.kr/nocut/Show.asp?IDX=1304613 + DNBN + WintedChunsa @ soompi + OneTVXQ

[TRANS] 091103 DBSK’s JaeChunSu Strongly Denies “We never conducted an interview”

It has been known that DBSK’s three members Micky Yoochun, Xiah Junsu, and Youngwoong Jaejoong recently conducted an interview with Sports Seoul regarding the lawsuit against SM Entertainment.

But this has been proven to be false.

On November 3rd, during a call with No Cut News, the three members denied the direct interview saying, “We haven’t conducted an interview with any media regarding the lawsuit.”

They continued, “In the article, it is said that a person named Mr. A is the one who relayed the story. How can this be considered a direct interview?” and expressed their opinions.

Their close associate said “They have no plans to have any interviews for a while” and requested that they do not post articles using information from associates.

While SportsSeoul.com posted an article on the morning of November 3rd named ‘[Direct Interview] DBSK three members understand Yunho and Changmin’s position… But we’re still one.’ The article ended with a one-on-one interview with Mr. A who is said to be with the DBSK three members.


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