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[091104] MV + Teaser Releases (w/ Big Bang + f(x) + K.Will + Outsider + Hwanhee)

Lots and lots of releases today…first up…
Big Bang with ‘Let Me Hear Your Voice -club mix-‘ and a making-of MV for ‘Let Me Hear Your Voice’
~LOOOL at the making of vid

f(x) has revealed a teaser of another song off their upcoming 1st album caled ‘Step By Me’. They revealed their title track ‘Chu~♡’ yesterday.
~i think i like this song more than ‘Chu~♡’

Hwanhee (Fany), Outsider, and K.Will under the cut

Two K.Will things! First of all, a MV teaser for ‘Hypnosis’ featuring Outsider! K.Will’s making a comeback with his 2nd album ‘Miss, Miss and Miss (그립고 그립고 그립다)’ YAYZ
~Outsider wrote the lyrics for the song! It expresses the feeling of being unable to forget the girl someone loves from being hypnotized from waiting.

2nd K.Will release is the MV for ‘Miss, Miss and Miss (그립고 그립고 그립다)’. Features actor Lee Chun Hee
~god i love K.Will…his voice is so freaking amazing

Hwanhee (Fany) has released the MV for ‘Because I Missed Your Heart’
~i can’t help but find it odd to see him dancing LOL particularly because of the type of song this is. the song doesn’t match the MV


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