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[091105] MV + Teaser Releases (w/ 2PM + SJM + Big Bang + T-ara + f(x) + U-KISS + CoE)

WHOA lots of releases today!!! O.O

2PM’s song teaser with ‘I Was Crazy About You’
~sounds like a ballad beginning…but with Taec’s scream, it may possibly turn into a dance track with a ballad-y bg
~full song’s gonna be released tomorrow

Fancam preview to Super Junior-M’s ‘Blue Tomorrow’ MV
~according to a Chinese ELF, it’s similar to Super Junior’s ‘It’s You’ MV. looks it too!

Big Bang’s Seungri and TOP, T-ara, f(x), U-KISS, and Child of Empire under the cut

Trailer to telecinema project ’19’ starring Seungri and TOP of Big Bang
~movie also stars actress Heo Ji Yae, and it’s about three 19 yr olds who are accused of murder, and they escape to find the real culprit

T-ara’s ‘Apple Song’ MV
~the girlgroup’s now endorsing Nonghyup Apples, thus, the name of the song

f(x)’s ‘Chu~♡’ MV Teaser
~song still hasn’t gotten me yet…but the MV looks cool

U-KISS has revealed the MV for ‘Man Man Ha Ni’
~they look SO different eh?! so mature now!
~the song isn’t the greatest (SO much autotune) but this image is fitting them well

Promo Vid of Child of Empire
~because this boygroup’s company Star Empire’s financial struggles, this group’s been donig wingcar performances and living on very little money in tents out in the streets
~hope them the best of luck for trying so hard


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