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New Contracts for SM Artists?

I saw this on ONETVXQ forums and thought I’d share my thoughts about this…it seems the SME has acknowledged the fact their contracts do have problems, and they want to re-contract all its artists based on an exclusive contract based on the law. Allkpop posted this up, and basically almost every comment was completely mindless; do people know how to read? They honestly thought that DBSK is getting a new contract from SM. Not once in the entire translated article was there a line saying this. Which is why sometimes I don’t really like Allkpop; they twist the news.
Note this: “Under the new exclusive contract, the moment it’s signed it would be protected till the contract ended, if not the current situation would repeat over and over again in the future.” Do people understand what this means? That means once SM creates a new exclusive contract for its artists, once they sign, then the contract is protected until it ends. This doesn’t mean it can stop an artist from actually going to court, since everyone has the right to do so, but it means this will cause more restraints for an artist who wishes to change their contract. Which means, most likely, they wish to close the loopholes so this huge mess won’t happen again. I just wanted to clear that up. But the fact SM is acknowledging that contracts have problems is a big step up. It seems like they’re realizing what they should’ve done; then this whole mess wouldn’t have happened.

Article under the cut.

Credit: OhmyNews + OhMicky + sshutingg @ ONETVXQ

[TRANS] 091106 Unfair Contract Dispute, SM has Changed its Stand?

SM Entertainment CEO’s Kim Young Min, who is involved in the ‘unfair contract’ dispute with his artistes, has recently announced a new contract policy, and that it will be put into action once it gets approved by the related authorities.

SM Entertainment Representative, Kim Young Min, who attended the press conference which was held on the 2nd of November 2009 at 63 Tower, has expressed, “We would collect all comments from music and entertainment industries, related government departments, cultural and tourism board, fair trade departments, educational circles and legislative bodies, based on the law to adjudicate a new contract policy. After the approval from the respective authorities, we would then put it into action. Then follow it (new contract policy) enthusiastically.”

Kim agreed, “If we are able to come out with a new exclusive contract policy based on the law, SM would like to re-contract with all current artistes based on it.”

Kim also expressed, “Under the new exclusive contract, the moment it’s signed it would be protected till the contract ended, if not the current situation would repeat over and over again in the future.”

“In order to prove that what have just I said is nothing but the truth, we would first like to take the advice from the impartial committee,” he said.

But, everyone was not able to fully believe this announcement by SM Entertainment. Professor Lee from Korea Art University stated, “If SM do not wish to have what they have just said to turned into nothing, then they should assure them.” He continued, “Based on what SM have said, they do not wish to fully take on the advice from the impartial committee, but to forcefully come out with a new contract policy, which was questionable (their announcement).” Professor Lee ended, “If SM was really sincere about this, they should work on the new contract based on the advice and not vice versa, and then to get it approved by the representative authorities.”


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