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Super Junior 2010 Kyochon Chicken Calendar + Heechul for Nylon Mag

More photos! This time, it’s Super Junior ^^ It’s been a while since we saw all 13 errrrr I mean 12 of them together…shouldn’t be a surprise to you guys that Kibum is not in the photos…ANYWAY, it’s scans from the Kyochon Chicken 2010 calendar! SuJu are the endorsers, so they’re all over the calendar. Treat for the ELFs! Other than that, Heechul had a solo shoot for Nylon magazine. Some promotion I guess for his drama. The Kyochon pics are fun, smiley, and cute. The Kyochon shoot has the boys wearing Santa Claus suits, looking spiffy in tuxes, relaxed in casualwear, and traditional in Hanbok. Meanwhile, you’ve got Heechul looking all grungy and mysterious for the Nylon shoot. It looks good though. It gives me a sort of a Japanese mag shoot vibe, like the kind Jin or Kame from KAT-TUN would do. Especially the last pic of Chul.

credit: sapphirepearls + HotHee.com

Heechul’s Nylon Magazine Shoot


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7 thoughts on “Super Junior 2010 Kyochon Chicken Calendar + Heechul for Nylon Mag

  1. ~Can’t help but drool for Heechul-ssi,
    + He just recently changed his homphy background to a cute cartoon of his magazine shoot (One that shows his chest (^_^) hehe.
    Kinda sad I can’t makeout all of the writting that is next to it (Something about it being cold outside) Either way he is My #1 Idol. Even Bought their Cd’s. Usually won’t spen money on myself but I saw it as a great cause. OK I appologize here but the Taemin being bullied story has me thinking of when Heechul-ssi said it is hard to look at what his fans and – dreadful anti-s write about him. This is why If you love and suport them you should do it and show it but if you just don’t them keep quiet. Why be hateful.

    Giggles, Leader Leeteukie talkof a 2010 album (hehe he always seems to speak out) Love him for it and it has me all excited to hear what the “Men” are going to show us for this new album. My wish list seems to be filling up with “Super” Junior additions

    Posted by Tabby | 100114, 4:55 AM
  2. those photos are just toooooooooooo cute!!! especially the group ones!! oh how i could meet them!! come to USA!!

    Posted by loveryeowook! | 100216, 9:48 PM
  3. love all the photos . soo kawaii . hope can meet them . SUPER JUNIOR hwaiting , heart them

    Posted by chii | 100406, 9:09 PM
  4. wuuuuhuuuu!!! heechul-shii sooooo~ hoooo~T!!!!!

    Posted by phoebe | 100406, 11:29 PM
  5. i like super junoir music and Super Junior and I want very much to music and watch always more friends

    Posted by tiina | 101218, 8:19 AM
  6. hee cull sssooooooooo handsome and cooooolllll
    i like you soooo muccchhhh!!!!!!

    Posted by kerlip | 101222, 10:41 PM
  7. love super junior and dbsk and jyj and hana kimi

    Posted by kim samson | 110320, 8:02 AM

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