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Ivy Under the Fire for Sexy Performance with Nichkhun (2PM) on MAMA

Heh…saw this coming…obviously. Ivy’s under the fire for her sexy performance (‘World of Temptation’ + ‘Touch Me’) on MAMA with Nichkhun of 2PM. If you look at those K-Netizen comments…uh…ouch much? It’s one thing to think a performance has too much skinship, but another to accuse Ivy to have had surgery and saying ‘poor Nichkhun’. That’s insulting. Just because she’s got a figure doesn’t mean she went under surgery for her boobs. Jeez. And people need to be less ignorant; she’s wearing a corset! Obviously it’ll emphasize her chest! And poor Nichkhun? Excuse me? That’s very insulting to Ivy. She’s got some great talent, and her vocals are great. But I think I’m going to laugh forever at the ‘This is like Porn’ comment. What on earth? How old is the commenter? Like 10 years old?

It’s JUST A PERFORMANCE. People need to calm down. I know Khun’s got a LOT of fans, so they’re bound to be jealous and like spam Ivy’s mini hompy page with comments. It’s meant to entertain and well, it did its job alright. I was entertained. I very much agree with the ‘If there is too much hating, how can our country develop in terms of concert culture?’ comment.

Watch the performance…if it’s too much for your eyes, don’t watch then.

Full article under the cut.

credit: KBites

Singer Ivy has angered many netizens with her sexy joint performance with 2PM Nich Khun on 2009 Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA) on 21st November.

The concept of her performance that day was ‘vampire concept’ and she was seen clad in a white dress, showing her a very sexy cleavage, and putting up a dance performance which was involved much skinship with Nich Khun.

And all these while many fans from different parts of Asia are watching closely to. After MAMA ended, many netizens have visited Ivy’s minihompy and left comments like “I was watching this with my family and I felt embarrassed”, “Even though it may be the concept, the outfit is too revealing” etc

Ivy’s company has also came out to clarify, “2PM fans, please look at this as just a performance.”

Other netizens’ responses:

* “I was watching this alone and I thought ‘Oh no, poor Nich Khun’.”
* “Goodbye for Ivy”
* “Did she go under the knife for her boobs?”
* “So you guys want her to wear HanBok and dance to some fan dance instead?”
* “But the way I see it, the performance was really over the board. Even if it is some other male celebrity, she will just get bashed like that”
* “But how come Baek Ji Young did not get bashed for working with TaekYeon for their collaborate song?”
* “If there is too much hating, how can our country develop in terms of concert culture?”
* “You guys want another suicidal celebrity?”
* “Instead of blaming Ivy, I think Mnet has more problems’”
* “I know everyone is concerned with the performance but why can’t I take my eyes off her boobs”
* “This is like porn”


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2 thoughts on “Ivy Under the Fire for Sexy Performance with Nichkhun (2PM) on MAMA

  1. I can`t agree more!

    Posted by ying | 091123, 7:34 AM
  2. “poor nichkhun”?
    he wasn’t exactly RUNNING AWAY in disgust XD

    Posted by haruko | 091227, 10:57 PM

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