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[091125] CF + MV + Vid Releases (w/ 2PM + Kim Tae Hee + 2NE1 + MBLAQ + G-Dragon etc.)

Quite a bit of video releases…

2PM + Kim Tae Hee CF for Paris Baguette
~super cute! dunno who’s luckier, 2PM or Kim Tae Hee!

Making of 2NE1’s Baskin Robbins CF
~very cute, and like i said, their image in the CF is rly different from their usual image

Clazziquai + Mighty Mouth + Navi + As One + Bizniz, Dok2, MBLAQ, G-Dragon, and IU all under the cut!

Mighty Mouth, Bizniz, Navi, As One, and Alex of Clazziquai all came together to collaborate for a winter mini album =D The mini album’s called Winter Line, and 2 MVs have been released featuring two of the tracks on the mini album. ~omg yes! I totally love Alex, Navi and As One!!
Alex (Clazziquai) + Bizniz + As One MV for ‘White Winter’

Mighty Mouth + Navi MV for ‘Lonely/Hollow Christmas’

Dok2 with ‘It’s Me’ MV
~he’s under Map the Soul (aka Epik High’s company)

Behind the Scenes with MBLAQ for Vogue Girl
~Vogue always releases a vid along with a photoshoot, and here’s MBLAQ’s! OMG Mir looks soo adorable eating and drinking milk! HHAAHAAA and Lee Joon…*faints*

Behind the Scenes with G-Dragon for Vogue
~like I said, Vogue always releases a vid along with a photoshoot…I’ve got to say G-Dragon’s photoshoot was one of the weirdest ones I’ve ever seen…actually pretty much almost all the weird ones I’ve seen were of him XDDD

MV Making of IU’s ‘Marshmallow’
~not a big fan of the song, but IU’s a great singer and super cute too!


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