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[091128] Key (SHINee) Imitations + Dances @ Idol Maknae Rebellion

More proof that Key should be a girl loves girl dances =PPP SHINee on Idol Maknae Rebellion! The vid I wanna emphasize on is of him dancing to Lachata by f(x), Sign by Brown Eyed Girls, Gee and Genie by SNSD XDDD And of course, to show a more masculine side to him, he dances to U-KISS’ ‘Man Man Ha Ni’. He also imitates Seunghyun of FT Island rapping. God it’s HILARIOUS looking at the reactions of the other guys. They’re all like o.o when Key’s doing the girl dances. And his imitation for U-KISS’ dance is LOL he failed XD no kidding rofl he just didn’t have that ‘im an arrogant bada$$’ vibe hahahaaa then Dongho from U-KISS got up and started dancing too. EVERYONE cracked up when Key was doing it HAHHAA ooh god Key


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