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Super Junior-M + Zhang Li Yin @ Hunan TV New Year’s Concert 2009-2010

Hunan TV had their New Year’s concert on the 31st. Why do I care (since I don’t listen to much Chinese music)? Because Super Junior-M was there. Was Hankyung there? No. Originally it was just supposed to be him, but because of the lawsuit, SM had been trying to figure out what to do. Hunan … Continue reading

f(x) + M.I.C for New LG Lollipop CF

Remember ‘Lollipop’? With 2NE1 and Big Bang? That was the start of 2NE1. Well, the same phone is being released in China and Hong Kong, and a new CF was made, directed toward the Chinese market. Instead, we have none other than rookie girlgroup f(x)! Similarly to 2NE1, there will also be a group making … Continue reading

A.N.JELL are Performers and Winners at SBS Acting Awards 2009!

*spazzes* i was WAITING for this! But with Kouhaku and MBC Gayo Daejeon it left my mind…BUT NOW I AM WATCHING WHILE SCREAMING IN MY HEAD HONGKI!!! he looks absolutely ADORABLE w/ his hair blond again and white glasses!! Jung Yong Hwa is so hot…so’s Jang Geun Suk…and Park Shin Hye is so pretty! AND … Continue reading

MBC Gayo Daejeon 2009 Performances

Phew, ANOTHER Gayo Daejeon to recap! MBC Gayo Daejeon took place on the 31st, and no doubt it had some great perfs. MCs: Kim Gura, Shin Jung Hwan, Park Myung Soo, and Lee Bo Young Beginning + Nichkhun (2PM) + Lee Bo Young with ‘Way Back into Love’ ~~ahh i love this song ^^ Closing

[091231] 60th NHK Kouhaku Utagassen Performances

The 60th NHK Kouhaku Utagassen (紅白 2009) was held on the 31st of December. These are the perfs I could find… DBSK with ‘Stand By U’ ~~short vr again -.- but wtv, im not complaining. at least they’re back on stage and performing Ayumi Hamasaki with ‘Rule’ ~~toootally energetic and awesome perf Under the cut: … Continue reading

KBS Gayo Daejeon 2009 Performances

We have yet another Gayo Festival on the 30th, and this time from KBS! Opening ~~MCs: Hwang Soo Kyeong, Han Seok Joon, Kim Kyeong Ran ~~omo…everyone looks so good! all dressed up…SHINEE IN SUITS=HOT KEKKEE 2PM wins Song of the Year with ‘Again & Again’ ~~congrats to them!! awww they’re crying! JYP looks so happy … Continue reading

[091230] 51st Japan Record Awards

51st Japan Record Awards! Not many vids up that I see… DBSK with ‘Stand By U’ ~~pooo short vr again -.- ~~on the other hand…they won the Musical Excellence Award =D gratz to them!!! yaaay! Big Bang Wins Best New Singer of the Year + ‘Gara Gara Go!’ ~~congratz! GD looks so smiley at the … Continue reading

SBS Gayo Daejeon 2009 Performances

Ok, so i just got home and now im watching the perfs. SO, here they are! Just to let you guys know, Baek Ji Young cancelled her acts because she collapsed before. A shame for her fans (like me) but hope she gets well soon! Opening MCs are Heechul (Super Junior), Park Shin Hye, and … Continue reading

SBS Gayo Daejeon: 2PM’s You’re Beautiful Parody

OMG ROFL i’m going out in like 20 min so i can’t recap the whole show (haven’t even watched it yet jeeeez) but THIS IS EPIC!!! 2PM’s You’re Beautiful parody!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA MUST WATCH!!! **WATCH THE PERFORMANCES PLUS THE ENG SUBBED PARODY HERE!**

KAT-TUN’s CF for ‘Decotomo★DX’

KAT-TUN’s new CF for ‘Decotomo★DX’, which is a mobile greeting interchange. It’s very glittery and gold hahahaa! On another note, KAT-TUN’s new song ‘THE D-MOTION’ is featured in the CF. So you can listen to the bg music to hear a preview ^^

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