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[091203] MV Preview + CF Releases (w/ KARA + Brian Joo + Xing 5th Generation)

KARA for Pizza Etang CF + NGs (No Good for those who dunno what NG mean…basically means bad takes)

Brian Joo (FTTS) + Xing 5th Generation under the cut

Brian Joo from disbanded duo Fly to the Sky is making his comeback! =D Actually I knew this a few days ago, cuz he actually updates his facebook fanpage =P but ya was waiting for a teaser. And we have one now! MV teaser for ‘My Girl’ Er…don’t have much to say about it…it’s a lot of hair flinging and it’s just of this one girl in the back of a car o.O but at the end she puts earphones on and you hear a very very short excerpt of the song. Anyway, I can’t wait for his album to come out (December 10th) because he’s got a great voice!!

After so many member changes, we now have a brand new Xing 5th Generation. They switched members, yes, 5 times. None of the original members are in the group anymore; these are all new members. Maybe they’ll finally make a breakthrough? For those curious, some old members are now in new groups and you’ll be surprised to know that they used to be in the old Xing. Who? Kevin and Ki Bum of U-KISS and Junhyung from BEAST! Surprise eh? Anyway, here’s their MV teaser


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2 thoughts on “[091203] MV Preview + CF Releases (w/ KARA + Brian Joo + Xing 5th Generation)

  1. owh… xing all new member.. really..
    so what heaven with xing opera…??_??
    where is white,kipalang,gun,rising,husky and 2 other *i didn’t remember :p..??

    Posted by Mee | 091206, 7:43 AM

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