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[091204] MV + CF + Teaser Releases (w/ 2PM + 4Minute + SHINee + f(x) + Big Bang + Namolla Family + Dreamin. G)

A LOT of vid releases so lemme quickly get this over w/ so I can study XD

2PM with ‘My Color’ MV teaser
~~this is for the Anycall Corby phone of which i have my eye on since its price is rly good for a phone w/ these features…but excuse me…I must say that Nichkhun looks positively gay (not that there’s anything wrong with being gay, I’m just saying he looks like a stereotypical gay)

OFFICIAL version of 4Minute’s ‘Jingle Jingle’ MV
~~turns out the version released before of them singing in the studio wasn’t the official vr

Under the cut: SHINee + Sulli (f(x)), Big Bang, Namolla Family, and Dreamin. G

SHINee CFs for nana’B w/ Sulli of f(x)
~~First we’ve got Minho then we’ve got Taemin…erm…can i say i’m jealous of Sulli? XD basically both versions are the same, just that it’s Taemin instead of Minho. prob Onew and Key will have their versions as well. Jonghyun won’t since he had H1N1 while they were filming
~~LOL at Key ‘what the hell are you touching now?’
Minho + Sulli (45″ vr.)

Making Vid of Minho + Sulli

Taemin + Sulli (30″ vr.)

Big Bang’s New CFs for LG/Cyon Crystal
~~ya this was the phone i wanted since it was announced it came out…actually the phone came out in August. ehhhhh it’s pretty pricey though. not as much as LG Chocolate but still…my friend got it for his bday and now…i don’t wanna get it anymore cuz i dont’ like clashing w/ ppl LOL
~~TOP kisses a girl on the forehead btw
30″ vr
15″ vr

Making Vid

Namolla Family is back! Here’s the MV teaser for ‘Like a Child’

Mongshil Sisters (Dreamin. G.) have released the MV for ‘My Love’. They’re from Superstar K. and the girl in the MV is not Ahn Sohee btw, it’s a girl called Kim Jinhee.


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