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[091208] MV + Song Releases (w/ SNSD + Super Junior + BoA + Supernova + Brave Brothers + 2PM + MBLAQ + December + Delight)

SNSD and Super Junior have released an MV for ‘Seoul Song’ which basically promotes tourism in Seoul. The MV’s rly cute, and the song’s nice too. My god I think I’m going to die from cute SuJu are. My god Wook is looking adorable. And Sungmin waaaaaaaah!!! Donghae still needs to get a haircut -.- Kyyuuuuuuu <3 LMFAO at Seohyun's reaction when he shows up. YA I'D RUN TOO XD BUT NOT AWAY, AT HIM LOL and then afterward WAH what he does is so sweet and super cute! Siwon ran past Taeyeon and she was like 'damn it!' So Teuk helped her. Siwon needed to cut his hair in this MV. But I know he already cut it. GOOD! =D Shindong is just so funny to watch he's a policeman haha, and he keeps running all the way to the street where Sunny crosses with her class of kids. Anyway, the matches are: Siwon+Taeyeon, Sungmin+Jessica, Sunny+Shindong, Kyuhyun+Seohyun, and I guess Sooyoung+Donghae? They never meet though. Just that they're both dancing. Eunhyuk and Yesung only show up like once at the end XD Whoa. I wrote so much just for this MV I couldn't help it lol

BoA, Supernova (Cho Shin Sung), Brave Brothers, 2PM, MBLAQ, December, and new group Delight under the cut.

So, BoA was SUPPOSED to make a comeback in Japan with a new album, but for some reason Avex suddenly cancelled it, and instead she released a single. It’s just White Wishes, but the 2nd track, the b-side, is the focus. Why? Apparently she produced it herself!It’s called ‘The End そして And…. (The End Soshite And..)’. It’s pretty good. But not too much to my taste after the 1st listen. Hm. Should listen to it a few more times.

Supernova (Cho Shin Sung) has released an MV for ‘Last Kiss’, which is their upcoming Japanese single set to release on the 20th of January. It’s an ok song. Reminds me of Super Junior actually.

Brave Brothers just released a single, and an MV for the title track ‘Finally’, of which he features Kevin + Alexander from U-KISS. It’s a pretty cheerful song, but the MV is totally the opposite. It gets morbid, and I actually felt sad. Now I could get all analytical just like I do for my english papers, but I’m not going to rofl

2PM’s full MV/CF for ‘My Color’. Came out I think 2 days ago, I watched it yesterday while taking a tiny break from studying. Nichkhun + that pink style = no-no. It just has got to go XD The Jun bros are ROCKIN it! And Wooyoung manages to look good in the yellow also. Don’t get what’s up w/ Taec’s dreads though. And the weird Joker like guy.

MBLAQ had their first Japanese fanmeeting and they performed the Japanese version of ‘Oh Yeah’. A fan recorded the audio. Erm ya she needs to stop singing XD

‘Can’t You Come Back’ MV! December sang another song for the IRIS OST.

A new group called Delight debuted a few months ago, and well, like most indie music, it doesn’t get far and too well known. But anyway, I like their music; it’s relaxing and refreshing compared to the heavy autotuning nowadays. Anyway, the group has 2 females and 2 males, and it’s not Supan idol group. They released a MV for their title track ‘고슴도치 딜레마 (Hedgehog’s Dilemma).’


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