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[RECOMMENDED]Super Junior Releases Remixes ‘Sorry Sorry – Answer (R&B remix)’ + ‘It’s You (Rearranged)’!

Don’t know if you know, but Super Junior has just released remixes of our fave hits ‘Sorry Sorry’ and ‘It’s You’! =D I think there should be a bunch of other tracks on it but I just got 2 tracks: 01 Sorry, Sorry – Answer (Studio Ver.) and 02 너라고 (It`s You) (Rearranged) (Studio Ver.). The 2nd Asia Tour Concert Album Super Show 2 concert CD will be out on the 10th, which will include also all those silly performances they did for SS2, like ‘Gee’ and ‘Puff the Magic Dragon’.

I had to spazz about those tracks. Particularly the 1st, which is basically the R&B version of ‘Sorry Sorry’ a bunch of fans heard from fancams of the Super Show 2, and then Yoo Young Jin released a single w/ his vr. Spazzed over THAT for a while; he has a seeeriously good voice! Anyway, the MV for the track will be released on the 10th! As for the 2nd track, ‘It’s You (rearranged vr)’, it’s also a great track (well of course, the original was great =D) Anyway, it’s made more upbeat and more danceable.

‘Sorry Sorry – Answer’

Original vr. ‘Sorry Sorry R&B Remix ver’ sung by producer Yoo Young Jin
~~it’s slightly different cuz it’s missing a sorta of interlude thing, but otherwise pretty much the same. this isn’t on the album btw, I just brought it out to compare. Both are rly good!

‘It’s You (Rearranged)’


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One thought on “[RECOMMENDED]Super Junior Releases Remixes ‘Sorry Sorry – Answer (R&B remix)’ + ‘It’s You (Rearranged)’!

  1. like it soooo much…
    love SuJu..

    Posted by casself | 091212, 10:30 AM

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