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[091212] MBC Copyright Clean Concert

Instead of the usual MBC Music Core, MBC Copyright Clean Concert was aired in its place. I don’t know what’s different about it though XD

SHINee with ‘JoJo’
~~yet another amazing perf! vocals were good (exception of Dubu cracking LOL but s’ok Dubu) i like their clothes now ^^ it’s prob along the lines of what they usually wear? though i guess Taemin doesn’t wear shiny silver tight pants usually haha

Under the cut:
-Brian’s Comeback with ‘My Girl’ ft. Supreme Team
~~nae nae nae yeoja, nae nae nae yeoja =P
-BEAST with ‘Mystery’
~~the song’s apparently doing very gd on the charts
~~i ilke their clothes =P
-MBLAQ with ‘G.O.O.D. Luv’
~~i sent my friend the link to yesterday’s perf spazzing about Joon’s adorable expressions and you know what she said? that his conceited and confident look for ‘Oh Yeah’ fit him more LOL (she’s a huge joon fangirl btw)
~~they need to work more on their vocals though. except G.O. he’s ok. Joon’s high pitched parts were lipsynched -.-
-2PM with ‘Heartbeat’ + MV for ‘Clean Song’
~~they look so cute for ‘Clean Song’! =D it’s just new lyrics to 10 out of 10, but the MV’s so cute hahaa
-T-ara with ‘Bo Peep Bo Peep
-JYP (Park Jin Young) with ‘No Love No More’
-Eun Ji Won with ‘Siren’
-SHU-I with ‘Please Help Me’
-Rainbow with ‘Gossip Girl’
-Secret with ‘I Want You Back’

Brian’s Comeback with ‘My Girl’ ft. Supreme Team

BEAST with ‘Mystery

MBLAQ with ‘G.O.O.D. Luv’

2PM with ‘Heartbeat’ + MV for ‘Clean Song’

T-ara with ‘Bo Peep Bo Peep’

JYP (Park Jin Young) with ‘No Love No More’

Eun Ji Won’s Comeback with ‘Siren’

SHU-I with ‘Please Help Me’

Rainbow with ‘Gossip Girl’

Secret with ‘I Want You Back’


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