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[091212] Star King (w/ SHINee + SuJu + SNSD + Hwanhee + Jokwon + T-ara + Boom + Eun Ji Won etc.)

Haven’t done a Star King post for a loong time…actually i haven’t watched SK for a while now too. At least 1 month. Anyway, I watched ep 144 from last Sat (12th) and I’m glad I watched ^^

-Super Junior (Eeteuk, Eunhyuk)
-SNSD (Yuri, Jessica, Sunny, Tiffany)
-Hwanhee (Fany)
-Jokwon (2AM)
-Eun Ji Won

**just so you know, SK combines different recordings, which is why you see diff guests in diff clothes, and Boom appears even though he’s in the army. WAAAAH BOOOM BOGOSHIPDAH!

Part 1
~~LOL FREAKING EPIC. a woman comes to do aerial hoops (amazing might I add), and she’s from Canada. I hear that franglo accent, so right away I know she’s gotta be from the east coast. Probably Quebec. ANYWAY, the funniest moments were from Kang Ho Dong and Minho. OMG lmfao Minho that boy is hilarious. He was like making daddy-baby voices with KHD HAHAHA. And when he tried to do the same trick, holding onto the hoop with his neck, HAHAHAA. Taemin tried to do the spin thing, and he was super dizzy after, so Minho picked him up and carried him back to his seat the way KHD usually does XDDDD and And Eunhyuk talking to the lady ‘merry christmas’…’marry me?’ LOL

Part 2
More KHD-Minho LOL! The group is a group of women pretending to be ghosts playing instruments. At one pt Minho copies one of the women, and he starts acting like a zombie and heads over to KHD, and then act all lovey-dovey LMFAO. Then Eeteuk tries it and out pops Eunhyuk under the table with fake glasses with popout eyes XD Then Hwanhee tries it and LOL one of the women hugged him from the back and he was like o.O HHAHAHAAA

Part 3
LOL a group of girls/guys come out dressed as girls and they have to guess who’s a guy and who’s a girl XD battle of the Divas. Jokwon vs Queen Seondeok HAHHAAA acting out a scene. Funnyyy. That guy/girl really has quite an attitude XD

Part 4
LOL Minho keeps getting pulled into it. They’re still trying to figure out who’s a guy and who’s a girl. Minho is like so scarred by Queen Seondeok XD he’s like o.o when he/she is trying to hug him

Part 5
LMFAOOOOO SOME UNEXPECTED ANSWERS HERE XDDDD WHO WOULD’VE THOUGHT??? I won’t say who was a guy or girl cuz that’d be spoiler. But Taemin goes around holding each person’s hand and asking him/her if he/her is a girl. One of them’s like ‘yes’ and immediately hugs him LOL and she’s 30 too! She doesn’t look it at ALL!!! Then after, it’s a Yoga champion who comes out w/ SHINee and they dance RDD XD Then he shows off some yoga moves and teaches a few moves to SHINee and T-ara.

Part 6
More Minho-KHD moments keke! God Minho you’re so freaking adorable! Boom-Minho moment too =p After, 2 Japanese guys come out and I’m supposing they’re quite well known. They do some rly crazy stuff that SK didn’t even air XD cut it out. One of the guys freaking ate dry ice o.o wtf??????

Part 7
LOL engrishy act XD ‘what is this?’ ‘this is…apple. a-p-p-l-e’ Then some guy comes out and shows him cooking a lot a lot of Japanese octopus/squid balls…LOOKS SO GOOD gaaah i haven’t had some for ages


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  1. leeteuk U real hero

    Posted by sara | 100214, 3:32 PM

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