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[091218] KBS Music Bank

Jewelry’s Comeback with ‘Love Story’
~~the full group will be promoting this song and once it’s done, Seo In Young and Baby J. will be leaving the group

Performances under the cut include:
-Hwanhee (Fany) & Ji Eun (Secret) Duet with ‘Yesterday’
-2PM’s 4th Consecutive #1
~~no performance today
-SHINee with ‘JoJo’
~~i like Minho and Onew’s clothes ^^ what’s up w/ Key’s clothes though LOL ahh he always wears odd things XD seems like he dyed his hair. now it’s not just reddish-purple with black, there’s green too.
-T-ara with ‘Bo Peep Bo Peep’
~~my friend hates this song LOL DAMN IT T-ara PERFORM ‘LIKE THE BEGINNING’ PLEASE!!!
-Younha with ‘Broke Up Today’
~~love her voice! and she looks sooo pretty!!
-After School with ‘Because of You’
-Brian ft. Supreme Team with ‘My Girl’
-f(x) with ‘Chu~’
-U-KISS with ‘Man Man Ha Ni (remix)’
-BEAST with ‘Mystery’
-H-Eugene ft Hae Ri (Davichi) with ‘Love Warning’
-SeeYa with ‘His Voice’
-IU with ‘Marshmallow’
-Rainbow with ‘Gossip Girl’
-K.Will with ‘Miss, Miss and Miss’
~~he’s holding his 1st solo concert soon! and the tickets were sold out in record time ^^ grats to him! he totally deserves it
-Eun Ji Won with ‘Siren’
-December with ‘Love is So’
-MC Sniper with ‘Magic Castle’
-Yurisangja with ‘Bad Person’
-Lee Na Young with ‘Planting Flowers’
-DEEVINE with ‘Close Your Eyes’
-Kan Jong Wook with ‘Laughed’

Hwanhee (Fany) & Ji Eun (Secret) Duet with ‘Yesterday’

2PM’s 4th Consecutive #1

SHINee with ‘JoJo’

T-ara with ‘Bo Peep Bo Peep’

Younha with ‘Broke Up Today’

After School with Because of You’

Brian ft. Supreme Team with ‘My Girl’

f(x) with ‘Chu~’

U-KISS with ‘Man Man Ha Ni (remix)’

BEAST with ‘Mystery’

H-Eugene ft Hae Ri (Davichi) with ‘Love Warning’

SeeYa with ‘His Voice’

IU with ‘Marshmallow’

Rainbow with ‘Gossip Girl’

K.Will with ‘Miss, Miss and Miss’

Eun Ji Won with ‘Siren’

December with ‘Love is So’

MC Sniper with ‘Magic Castle’

Yurisangja with ‘Bad Person’

Lee Na Young with ‘Planting Flowers’

DEEVINE with ‘Close Your Eyes’

Kan Jong Wook with ‘Laughed’


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