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Hankyung (Super Junior) Files for Contract Termination with SME

=O Hankyung (Super Junior) filed for contract termination w/ SM Entertainment…so it’s like what JaeChunSu from DBSK did. Hm I wonder why? Profits? They’ve mentioned they don’t make much money since well, it gets split among 13 members!
I read on Baidu, in an interview with Hankyung’s lawyer, that it’s very similar to JaeChunSu’s case; Hankyung’s contract is 13 YEARS LONG, and that there’s a lot of unfair clauses. Hankyung also doesn’t want this to drag on so long like DBSK’s case; he wants it over as soon as possibile. As for whether or not he’s leaving Super Junior, the lawyer says he’s not too sure, but as of now, there hasn’t been a decision made. There were also rumours that he’d be going solo in China but the lawyer said he never heard about that.(source: Baidu)Well he IS really popular in China…he could go solo and still do well. But it’d really really suck if he left Super Junior. Plus, he’s the leader of Super Junior-M. He’s doing well with SJM right now too. I think mainly he wants the contract to be abolished and have a more fair contract. But I guess we’ll just wait for an official statement.

As for Kyuhyun’s comment…I believe people started attacking his minihompy so he ended up closing it down. That comment…it may perhaps not have been the wisest choice to write that.


credit: KBites

News have came late that Super Junior member HanKyung has filed for contract termination with management company SM Entertainment.

This was according to a Chinese media on 21st December, “Super Junior member HanKyung has filed for the provisional disposition of the exclusive contract with SM Entertainment at the Seoul Central District Court.

According to this Chinese media report, “Even though the details to the request for invalidation of the exclusive contract cannot be revealed, it has been interpreted that there are unreasonable conditions in the contract with SM Entertainment and HanKyung is doing this for his future personal development.”

With that, Super Junior HanKyung is the next after Dong Bang Shin Ki Hero JaeJoong, Xiah JunSu and Micky YooChun to file for disposition of exclusive contract terms with their company SM Entertainment.



There has been great interests and concerns from fans after news have it from Chinese press that Super Junior HanKyung has filed for provisional disposition of exclusive contract terms with management company SM Entertainment.

With that SM Entertainment’s currently stand is, “We are currently confirming the news” and said that they will reveal more as things are confirmed.

Through OSEN’s phone conversation with SM Entertainment on 21st Dec, it was also revealed that, “For the sake of Super Junior, they will try to settle this through communication.”

Article Source:Osen

Meanwhile, thanks to Twelfs, it has been known that member KyuHyun wrote on his minihompy today, “”Even a beast don’t bite the hand that feeds one… I can not understand” (In English)


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