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SBS Gayo Daejeon 2009 Performances

Ok, so i just got home and now im watching the perfs. SO, here they are!
Just to let you guys know, Baek Ji Young cancelled her acts because she collapsed before. A shame for her fans (like me) but hope she gets well soon!

MCs are Heechul (Super Junior), Park Shin Hye, and Jung Yong Hwa

2PM with a You’re Beautiful parody (eng subbed!)
~~made a post this morning…but it wasn’t subbed. plus this is more HQ ^^

Seohyun + Yuri + Taeyeon (SNSD) + Nichkhun + Junho+ Wooyoung (2PM) Dance Performance
~~this song brings back memories lol

Super Junior + SNSD with ‘It’s You (remix)’ + ‘Sorry Sorry’
~~holy crap that’s a lotta ppl

SNSD with ‘Gee’ + ‘Tell Me Your Wish (sexy remix vr.)’
~~aw they’re in PJs and uggs!
~~someone’s mic doesn’t work. don’t remember whose part it is tho

~~LOL as if it’s not sexy enough XD naa i like the original more

4Minute with ‘Hollaback Girl’ + ‘Hot Issue’ + ‘Muzik’

Taeyang (Big Bang) with ‘Only Look at Me’ + ‘Wedding Dress’
~~yesss i miss ‘Only Look at Me’! this piano version is nice ^^

G-Dragon (Big Bang) with ‘Heartbreaker’ + ‘Gossip Man’

G-Dragon + Taeyang (Big Bang) with ‘Lies (slow vr.)’ + ‘Korean Dream’
~~omg the young them…o.o and hehe the fake younger vr of them are so cute
~~LOL at gd’s hair tho XD

G-Dragon (Big Bang ) + CL (2NE1) with ‘The Leaders’

2NE1 + G-Dragon + Taeyang (Big Bang) with ‘Let’s Go Party’

Park Bom (2NE1) + Taeyang (Big Bang) with ‘You and I’
~~they’ve got some chemistry going on there!

2NE1 with ‘Fire’
~~cute haha! school setting =P

Lee Seung Gi ft. Bizniz with ‘Will You Marry Me’
~~’YES! YES I WILL!’ screams tons of fangirls LOL

Brown Eyed Girls + 2AM with ‘Sign (remix)’
~~ooooh i like this vr! the beginning gives a haunting feeling. vampire vr.
~~LOL Donghae on the side

KARA with ‘Honey’ + ‘Same Heart’ remix

f(x) with ‘Chu~’
~~special dance break in the beginning. Shindong shows up. aww poor him, the girls make him disappear lol

BEAST with ‘Mystery’ + MBLAQ with ‘Oh Yeah’ + Dance Battle
~~damn it AJ is so hot
~~Joon tied his hair up -.-

~~dance-wise, MBLAQ’s the better group, IMO

After School with ‘Because of You (remix vr.)’

2AM + Davichi with ‘A Friend’s Confession’ + ‘This Song’
~~yaaay 2AM!
~~aaah i love Davichi…and they’re so prettyy!

T-ara with ‘Bo Peep Bo Peep (remix vr)’
~~their costumes are better…those paws were sorta weird to me XD

2PM with ‘Heartbeat (special ending vr)’ + ‘Again & Again (remix vr.)’ + ‘Tired of Waiting’
~~TOTALLY awesome intro. they all look like perfect and beautiful statues who then woke up and became zombies

~~OOH this remix is awesome
~~hope they’re promoting ‘Tired of Waiting’ next! ^^ i like their clothes

2PM with ‘Romance (5steps-druhill)’
~~engrish XD except for Nichkhun…Chansung’s vocals are…=S nice falsettos from Junho and Junsu tho ^^

SHINee with ‘Juliette (acoustic vr.)’ + ‘Ring Ding Dong (remix vr)’
~~ooh this acoustic vr is rly nice…LOL KEY ‘drinking’ his coffee
~~meh original RDD is better

K.Will + Jonghyun (SHINee) + Junsu (2PM) + Kim Tae Woo
~~K.Will’s voice is jjang as usual…and yaaay Jonghyun!!!

Son Dam Bi with ‘Saturday Night (remix vr)’
~~woo we haven’t seen her for quite a while!

Lee Seung Gi + 2PM + Super Junior + BEAST + MBLAQ with a MJ Tribute
~~OOOH nice moves from Lee Seung Gi!! didn’t expect that!

Park Jin Young (JYP) with ‘No Love No More’

CHANGE: when the genders change…

2PM (Nichkhun + Junho + Wooyoung + Junsu) with ‘Bo Peep Bo Peep’
~~so cute! but so manly HAHA

Jokwon (2AM) + Doojoon (BEAST) + Junho + Chansung(2PM) with ‘Sign’

Shindong (Super Junior) + Key (SHINee) + Mir + Lee Joon (MBLAQ) with ‘Muzik’

Wooyoung + Nichkhun (2PM) + Yoseob + KiKwang/AJ (BEAST) with ‘Mister’
~~HAHAH BUTT DANCE! even doing a girl dance AJ is hot LOL

Sungmin + Heechul (Super Junior) + Taemin + Minho (SHINee) with ‘Gee’
~~OF COURSE Chul would be doing this HAHA ‘i say Hee, you say Sica!’ XD heesica

KARA + f(x) with ‘Ring Ding Dong’

4Minute + After School + KARA with ‘Heartbeat’
~~SO GOOD! and i wish Hyuna always rapped like this, with no chipmunk voice
~~Gahee’s so prettyyyy

CL (2NE1) with ‘Heartbreaker’

SNSD + f(x) with ‘Sorry Sorry’


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3 thoughts on “SBS Gayo Daejeon 2009 Performances

  1. Thanks for putting all these performances here! :D I was browsing around youtube trying to find all the performances but here it is tehe~

    Thanks again! :)

    Posted by itsbonbonxp | 091230, 3:03 PM


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