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KBS Gayo Daejeon 2009 Performances

We have yet another Gayo Festival on the 30th, and this time from KBS!

~~MCs: Hwang Soo Kyeong, Han Seok Joon, Kim Kyeong Ran
~~omo…everyone looks so good! all dressed up…SHINEE IN SUITS=HOT KEKKEE

2PM wins Song of the Year with ‘Again & Again’
~~congrats to them!! awww they’re crying! JYP looks so happy too

4Minute with ‘Muzik’ + ‘Hot Issue’

2PM with ‘Heartbeat’ + ‘I Hate You’
~~OBVIOUSLY their perf yesterday for the SBS Gayo was more epic rofl, but good stuff from them ^^
~~LOL they pulled a DBSK and ripped off their shirts to show their back!!! DBSK did this last yr at the end of Mirotic for SBS Gayo Daejeon

Super Junior with ‘Sorry Sorry’
~~i wish they performed ‘Sorry Sorry-Answer’ again -.-
~~wtf is w/ Sungmin’s hair O.O LOL *dies*

Park Jin Young/JYP with ‘No Love No More’

Baek Ji Young ft. Taecyeon (2PM) with ‘Ear Candy’
~~good to know BJY is healthy again! ^^ and OH i like this costume more than the previous ones she wore

Baek Ji Young with ‘Don’t Forget’
~~i love it! her voice is so amazing and the song is beautiful

Shin Seung Hoon + Baek Ji Young + Kim Tae Woo with ‘Love of Iris’

Davichi with ‘8282’
~~love Davichi! love their voices!

2NE1 with ‘Fire’

Leessang with ‘The Girl Who Can’t Break Up, the Man Who Can’t Leave’
~~i always thought this was a nice song

Park Jin Young/JYP + Son Dam Bi with ‘Crazy’ + ‘Bomb Bomb Bomb’ + ‘Elevator’

Son Dam Bi with ‘Saturday Night’

KARA with ‘Mister’

Kim Tae Woo with ‘Love Rain’ + ‘Dreaming Dream’

SNSD with ‘Gee’
~~o.O is Jessica’s mic working…you could barely hear her i the beginning

Lee Seung Gi with ‘Love Is’ and ‘Will You Marry Me’

MC Mong with ‘Horror Show’

MC Mong + Lee Seung Gi with ‘I Love U, Oh Thank U’

MC Mong + Lee Seung Gi + Lee Su Geun + Eun Ji Won with ‘Let’s Go On a Trip’ by SM Town

SHINee with ‘Ring Ding Dong (remix)’
~~interesting remix…but i still like the original more

K.Will with ‘Dropping the Tears’

Brown Eyed Girls with ‘Abracadabra’
~~whaaa they’re so sexy! such a big change from old times before this song

Legend & Idol

Legend & Idol 1: Lee Seung Chul + 2NE1
~~great job from the girls. they sounded great for the 1st song!

Legend & Idol 2: Shin Seung Hoon + 2PM
~~Shin Seung Hoon’s voice is sooo good..HAHAH 2PM pretending to be fanboys and swooning
~~LOL at the fangirl screaming her head off

Legend & Idol 3: Kim Gun Mo + Jessica + Seohyun + Sunny + Yuri + Tiffany (SNSD)
~~don’t kill me Sones but…vocally…the 1st two collabs were much better XD

Special Stage: In the Club
SHINee with ‘Just Dance’ by Lady Gaga
~~LMFAO Minho has dangling disco balls off his neck XD
KARA with ‘Son of a Gun’ by Janet Jackson
~~smexy perf
Yuri + Hyoyeon + Sooyoung + Yoona + Seohyun (SNSD) with ‘Rhythm Nation’ by Janet Jackson
2PM with ‘Boom Boom Pow’ by Black Eyed Peas
~~FIERCE! SO BEAST! god 2PM never disappoints me!

(special cont.)
Super Junior with ‘어쩌다 마주치’
~~ooh they look good dressed like this =P
SHINee + Super Junior + KARA + SNSD +2PM dance break
~~they dance pretty much all the popular idol songs

Forever MJ
Nicole (KARA) + Ryeowook (Super Junior) with ‘Ben’
~~really nice perf…Ryeowook’s vocals are great as usual…he looks cute ^^ and Nicole is very pretty

4Minute with ‘Billie Jean’
~~..that’s a lot of backup dancers

SNSD + Brown Eyed Girls + Davichi with ‘I’ll Be There’
~~i love Davichi’s voices!!!!

SNSD + SHINee + Super Junior with ‘Smooth Criminal’

Kim Tae Woo + Jonghyun (SHINee) + Jungmo (TRAX) with ‘Beat It’
~~so much engrish from Jonghyun XD but great perf!

K.Will + Onew (SHINee) + KARA + Yesung (Super Junior) with ‘Heal the World’


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