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[091231] 60th NHK Kouhaku Utagassen Performances

The 60th NHK Kouhaku Utagassen (紅白 2009) was held on the 31st of December. These are the perfs I could find…

DBSK with ‘Stand By U’
~~short vr again -.- but wtv, im not complaining. at least they’re back on stage and performing

Ayumi Hamasaki with ‘Rule’
~~toootally energetic and awesome perf

Under the cut: Ai Otsuka, Masaharu Fukuyama, Koda Kumi, misono, Arashi, Perfume, SMAP, EXILE, Susan Boyle, AKB48, Hikawa Kiyoshi, NYC Boys, Ayaka, Ikimonogakari

Ai Otsuka with ‘Is’
~~WHA her dress is crazy! LOL
~~i liked her albums under Love-Chan though they’re cute and remind me of Perfume, Capsule, MEG…etc.

Masaharu Fukuyama with ‘Hatsukoi’

Koda Kumi x misono with ‘Lick Me’ + ‘It’s all Love!’
~~fab perf from them both! they’re both totally enjoying themselves ^^

Arashi with ‘Arashi’ + ‘Believe’

Perfume with ‘One Room Disco’
~~=DDD love it

SMAP with ‘Sotto Kyutto’

EXILE with ‘Someday’

Susan Boyle with ‘I Dreamed a Dream’
~~wow can’t believe she went on Kouhaku!

AKB48 with ‘River (remix)’

Hikawa Kiyoshi with ‘Tokimeki no Rumba’

NYC Boys with ‘NYC’ + ‘Akuma na Koi’

Ayaka with ‘Minna Sora no Shita’

Ikimonogakari with ‘YELL’


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from HKG > YVR > YUL > YYC 23 year old Hong Konger/Canadian with love for clothes and makeup, and always looking for a good bite!


One thought on “[091231] 60th NHK Kouhaku Utagassen Performances

  1. hi there,
    I was just wondering – do you have a copy of THSKs performance? It’s no longer on YouTube and I’ve been looking for a copy everywhere ><

    Posted by jae | 110614, 8:13 PM

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