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Super Junior-M + Zhang Li Yin @ Hunan TV New Year’s Concert 2009-2010

Hunan TV had their New Year’s concert on the 31st. Why do I care (since I don’t listen to much Chinese music)? Because Super Junior-M was there. Was Hankyung there? No. Originally it was just supposed to be him, but because of the lawsuit, SM had been trying to figure out what to do. Hunan TV has been stood up before by another artist, with quite a loss, so obviously they’d be pretty pissed off SM was about to do that. So basically SM was going to cancel the act and offer Henry + Zhang Li Yin (aka Jang Ri In for those who know her by her Korean name), but Hunan TV wouldn’t accept it. So finally, SM sent both SJM AND Zhang Li Yin, but no Hankyung. WHICH brings me to why I made this post. Can you believe it though? SJM was in Korea on the 31st for MBC Gayo Daejeon…and also in China for this concert on the 31st…craaaazy traveling for Donghae, Ryeowook, Siwon, and Kyuhyun much? =S

Anyway, SJM performed ‘Super Girl’ and ‘Me’ while Zhang Li Yin sang ‘Moving On (Sunny Day, Rainy Day)’. Btw, the vids are pretty LQ and…sorta not that in sync…but that’s all we have XD

Super Junior-M with ‘Super Girl’ + ‘Me’
~~lipsync…but i guess it makes sense. the Korean members have been performing for 3 days now on those gayos…they must be dead tired

Zhang Li Yin with ‘Moving On (Sunny Day, Rainy Day)’

On a side note…there’s another few artists I do listen to that I wanted to bring up. I don’t listen to much Chinese music, since well, a lot of it sucks XD but there are some I do listen to.

Top Combine with ‘Qi Tian Da Sheng’
~~they’re like the first Chinese boyband I ever listened to. and I’m not including Taiwanese. cuz there’s plenty of Taiwanese boybands (aka Fahrenheit, who aren’t too too too bad, and Bang Bang Tong/Lollipop, who are…pretty bad XD) but Chinese boybands pretty much didn’t exist.
~~too bad they’re lipsynching this song -.-

Lin Yi Liang (Sandy Lam) with ‘Zhi Shao Hai Yao Ni At Least I Have You’
~~yes. i know. SJM sang this. she’s the original singer.

F.I.R with ‘Wo Men de Ai (Our Love)’ + ‘Fly Away’


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