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F.Cuz + ZE:A + Hyuna MVs

There’s 3 MVs that I want to shae before I leave; F.CUz, ZE:A (aka Child of Empire) and Hyuna. I watched them like in the morning/afternoon, but err had some probs to deal w/ before posting.

F.Cuz with ‘Jiggy’
This nwe boyband also released their single today, and will be debuting tomorrow on Music Bank. I had to say that the dance is a bit girly in my eyes XD and the guy with curly hair looks girly to me, but the song is so catchy! MV isn’t really to my taste, but the song is addicting. Nothing new to the kpop world, but still the song’s stuck in my head. They remind me of BEAST and a tiny bit of SHINee as well. And a touch of Big Bang. They aren’t goodlooking in my eyes (just average) but hey, you might find them good looking.

ZE:A with ‘Mazeltov’
ZE:A is another new debuting boyband. They released their single Nativity with 3 tracks on it, ‘Mazeltov’ being their title track. The group was previously known as Child of Empire before a name change. I have no idea what it stands for, but it’s better than Child of Empire. This gruop was known to be under a struggling company (Star Empire Ent.), and performed on the streets showing off their talents. The group consists of 9 members, some of whom are goodlooking, and others I can’t tell since the MV is sorta dark and they’re constantly moving XD This MV TOTALLY is giving me mixed vibes of assorted artists already in the industry. Even the choreo reminds me of dance moves from diff artists. DBSK’s ‘Mirotic’, Super Junior-M (‘Super Girl’, anyone?), and particularly U-KISS’ ‘Man Man Ha Ni’.

Hyuna with ‘Change’ ft. Junhyung (BEAST)
THe MVs nothing special. It’s just her dancing around, showing off her stomach, singing and rapping. Ya I think I’ve mentioned before I don’t like Hyuna? Ya well I rest my case. She still is, in my eyes, overrated. This solo song of hers is alright. Nothing special. Don’t hate it, but don’t love it either. I’m glad there’s no chipmunk rap. And that there’s no autotune. There’s definately double layering used on her voice, but then again, I think many artists do nowdays. As for Junhyung, he doesn’t have a huge part. But he looks good in his suit.
About the MV…errr many many pelvic thrusts. She’s 17 for godsakes. I always found it a bit disturbing to see an underage girl prancing around in such a provocative way. Yeah yeah, tnos of girls in the Western world act like that; I don’t care. At least I don’t have to see them. At least the people that are acting sexy (aka PCD, Beyonce, Lady Gaga…) are all of age. And anyway, since when does Western norms apply to Korea? Korean norms are definately different. Of course, I don’t blame Hynua completely for her image. I say Cube Ent. has fault for packaging her too sexily.


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