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Really great lineup today ^^ A comeback, two debuts and a two goodbye stages…

C.N. Blue’s Debut with ‘I’m a Loner’
~~yaaayz for C.N. Blue! they’re getting the attention they deserve! if only FTI was less underrated…

Under the cut:
-JoKwon (2AM) + GaIn (Brown Eyed Girls) Win #1 with ‘We Fell in Love’
~~i really love them! they seem like a real couple even though it’s just for We Got Married!
-ZE:A Debut Stage with ‘Mazeltov’
~~catchy track ^^
-SeeYa + Davichi + T-ara’s Comeback with ‘Wonder Woman’
~~i ilke this song more now
-SHINee’s Goodbye with ‘Ring Ding Dong’ + ‘JoJo’
~~XD my bad before..i thought they already had their goodbye stage. guess my source was wrong. i apologize! anyway, totally enjoying this perf ^^ yaaay ‘JoJo’!
-2PM’s Goodbye Stage with ‘Heartbeat’ + ‘Tired of Waiting’
~~gidaridaga, chi chin da! =D
~~they’ll be back in April, so don’t worry!
-Hyuna (4Minute) ft. Junhyung (BEAST) with ‘Change’
-F.Cuz with ‘Jiggy’
~~even though the dance is sorta girly, as is the song, i have to admit the song’s catchy
-T-ara with ‘Bo Peep Bo Peep’
-Dia with ‘Another Boy’
~~i really love her voice…her mini album was SOO good
-BEAST with ‘Mystery’
-After School with ‘Because of You’
-AB Avenue with ‘Love for Two’
-HAM with ‘Doo Geun Doo Geun’
~~though i don’t like this group much, this song is much better than ‘T.T Dance’
-Shoo with ‘Other Than Me’
~~S.E.S. will make a comeback soon! yaaaaay
-Yoon Seo Jin with ‘Let’s Love’
-IU with ‘Marshmallow’
-Rainbow with ‘Not Your Girl’
~~thank you for not promoting ‘Gossip Girl’ anymore *phew*
-Brian with ‘My Girl’
-Lucy with ‘1 Year 365 Days’
-KCM with ‘One Day’
~~great perf
-interviews w/ UEE + 2PM + SHINee + ZE:A + C.N. Blue

JoKwon (2AM) + GaIn (Brown Eyed Girls) Win #1 with ‘We Fell in Love’

ZE:A Debut Stage with ‘Mazeltov’

SeeYa + Davichi + T-ara’s Comeback with ‘Wonder Woman’

SHINee’s Goodbye with ‘Ring Ding Dong’ + ‘JoJo’

2PM’s Goodbye Stage with ‘Heartbeat’ + ‘Tired of Waiting’

Hyuna (4Minute) ft. Junhyung (BEAST) with ‘Change’

F.Cuz with ‘Jiggy’

T-ara with ‘Bo Peep Bo Peep’

Dia with ‘Another Boy’

BEAST with ‘Mystery’

After School with ‘Because of You’

AB Avenue with ‘Love for Two’

HAM with ‘Doo Geun Doo Geun’

Shoo with ‘Other Than Me’

Yoon Seo Jin with ‘Let’s Love’

IU with ‘Marshmallow’

Rainbow with ‘Not Your Girl’

Brian with ‘My Girl’

Lucy with ‘1 Year 365 Days’

KCM with ‘One Day’

Interview with UEE + 2PM + SHINee

Interview with MinHo(SHINee) + UEE + ZE:A + C.N. Blue


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