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SunMi Leaves Wonder Girls and is Replaced by JYPE Trainee HyeRim

Wow…this is shocking. SunMi has left the Wonder Girls and is being replaced with another 17 year old girl (92’er like SunMi) called Hye Rim o.o Click to see the message full size.

credit: KBites + Wonder Girls World

More articles regarding this under the cut.

I don’t think ANYBODY expected this. But people should shift the blame on JYP. I think he’s one of the most awesome producers and CEOs out there in the kpop industry. He has a close relationship w/ all his trainees and artists, so I highly doubt JYP would have neglected SunMi’s feelings. The Twitter message though…err maybe she was just hungry XD Though I don’t like WG too much, undeniably they are one of the biggest girlgroups out there and definately had an impact on the kpop industry. It’s sad to see a member leave a group, no matter what group it is. But if it’s so she can persue her academic career, I don’t think that’s a bad decision. It’s up to SunMi, right? She should do whatever makes her happy.
credit: KBites

After news that WonderGirls youngest member SunMi has left the group went out, fans and netizens are in heated discussions online over the real reason of her leaving.

Various speculations are going around, some netizens pointed out that the company CEO Park Jin Young is at fault for this, while some thought that SunMi could not adapt well to living in the States etc.

Many questioned if the reason stems from SunMi herself or from the company.

It was known that on 20th Jan, SunMi wrote on her Twitter the message “I’m starving”. Some netizens read the message that SunMi is starved of being able to pursue her academic career after having to stop middle school for her singer career.

And earlier last year, WonderGirls returned to Korea for a short while for their CF filming, and during the press conference back then, SunMi was also seen in tears talking about promoting in the States.

Meanwhile, some netizens thought that the underlying decision to this came from JYP Entertainment itself. Especially since the replacement member HyeRim is said to be able to speak various international languages like English and Chinese, it seems that this has a link to the WonderGirls’ Chinese music market advance coming up.

Netizens commented, “How can the company let SunMi leave the group so easily?”, “At this critical point in time for her singer career, do you think that she would want to let go of it all to pursue her studies?” etc.

Many netizens revealed that they totally did not see this coming. Meanwhile, a new member HyeRim has been introduced

New member is Lim, or known in Korean as HyeRim. From appearance, she’s not that pretty (k it’s just my opinion though) but her dancing seems pretty good. Born in HK? Whaaaa HK pride coming up right here =P
credit: KBites + SeoulNews

With the shocking news of SunMi leaving girlgroup WonderGirls, a new member HyeRim (18.Lim) set to replace that empty position in the WonderGirls has gaining the much interests from fans and netizens.

HyeRim is a trainee under JYP Entertainment China branch and is also 1992-er like SunMi, currently preparing for her debut. She is born in HongKong and is fluent in 4 languages including English, Chinese, Cantonese and Korean.

HyeRim was originally planned to be on the Chinese version of WonderGirls planned under JYP Entertainment to promote in China primarily. And recently, a video of HyeRim practising her dance released on Youtube has also been hot interests of the netizens.

HyeRim will join the WonderGirls in their promotions from March. Being both her debut and also replacing of SunMi in popular group WonderGirls, it will be great burden for this trainee.

Meanwhile, SunMi will be promoting with WonderGirls till end-February in the States

And…the vid that surfaced of 3 of the JYP trainees for the China branch, including Lim (HyeRim), dancing to Black Eyed Peas’ ‘Boom Boom Pow’. Gotta admit, they’re pretty good at dancing.


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