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Trax Releases ‘Cold Hearted Man (Let You Go)’ MV ft. Heechul (Super Junior) & Victoria (f(x))

Underrated k-rock group Trax have released their MV for ‘Cold Hearted Man (Let You Go)’, which stars none other than Heechul of Super Junior and Victoria Song of f(x). It should be a surprise to those that don’t know, that Trax is in fact under SM (which explains the two SM-ers in their MV). Anyway, for me I find Heechul and Victoria as a couple EXTREMELY weird. It’s just odd for me. Oh another thing to mention: there’s supposed to be 3 members in Trax. Just that one of them is in the army. So no, he actually didn’t leave the group.
Other than that, the MV is really beautiful and the song is excellent. Love it!


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2 thoughts on “Trax Releases ‘Cold Hearted Man (Let You Go)’ MV ft. Heechul (Super Junior) & Victoria (f(x))

  1. I don’ know what to say! But I think Chul is very thin now. I can’t stand that. What couple is thiz? HeeVic???0.o That’s really weird. Vic is not cute in this MV. Chul is still the best. But I don’t want to see him cries…
    Anyway, this song is beautiful!
    My love my Chullie!!! _ _”

    Posted by lykchulsarah | 100127, 3:43 AM
    • i agree. Heechul rly looks skinny. he was always skinny rofl but he look particularly thin here. and yaaa HeeVic…such an odd couple in my eyes XD

      Posted by moonlightunes | 100127, 5:03 PM

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