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SHINee’s Taemin + Onew on Shin Dong Yeop’s 300, Taemin Turns Red at the Topic of Sex

LOL Taemin is such a little kid XD What a cutie. He’s 17 and he turns red because the topic sex is brought up hahahahaa! But I guess since it’s Korea, it’s a more sensitive topic? Onew’s so mature though.
I’m surprised at the number of people that talk to their parents about it though. Here…people mostly learn the birds and the bees from school and friends…not so much parents

credit: omonatheydidnt + ☆BIANCA + ★ LittleMinnie @ sfi

SHINee’s Taemin’s face got red while talking about sex.

While Onew and Taemin guest starred on the January 31st episode of SBS’s “Shin Dong Yeop’s 300”, when the question “I’ve talked about sex with my parents” came up Taemin commented, “Wouldn’t that be really embarrassing? It seems awkward.” Onew said “If you started talking with them since you were young, it would help a lot.”

MC Shin Dong Yeop then asked, “Where have you gotten your knowledge about sex?” Onew replied calmly, “I mostly learned at school” but Taemin’s face became red and laughed in embarrassment.

On another note, Onew and Taemin risked around $5000 to bet that the number of people in the audience who’ve talked about sex with their parents would be from 60 to 90. The actual number in the audience was 92, so they were eliminated.


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4 thoughts on “SHINee’s Taemin + Onew on Shin Dong Yeop’s 300, Taemin Turns Red at the Topic of Sex

  1. Ohhh!!! my oppa dubu looks so sweet when he is serious,i always see him smile…..oppa,sarangha.
    Tae-Min keeps on smiling,didnt know what were they talking…but both oppa dubu and tae-min were looking cute

    Posted by jinpa | 100510, 8:51 AM
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    Но слышала , что есть облагороженные бриллианты, которые ничем не отличаются от обычных, но стоят дешевле в

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    Кто-нибудь вообще держал такие в руках, они правда великолепны ?

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