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[RECOMMENDED!!] Nerdhead ft. Kana Nishino’s ‘BRAVE HEART’ MV + Lyrics

Wanted to do this for a while now…recommending this amazing song called ‘BRAVE HEART’ =DDD Ya I’m doing this 1 in the morning cuz I’m just that awesome XP ANYWAY, I LOVE it sooo much. It’s by Nerdhead (yes i know sounds wierd LOL but it can’t get worse than some of those kpop band … Continue reading

Scans of Yunho for Oh Boy Magazine

Yunho for the March issue of Oh Boy magazine…OH BOY IS RIGHT. OH BOY YUNHO WHY ARE YOU SO DAMN GOODLOOKING?! He manages to look hot, sexy, cute, mysterious, and cool XD He dresses in several different styles of clothing and pulls each one off (except I have to say wearing a suit with red … Continue reading

JUJU’s MVs for ‘Ready for Love’ + ‘Sakura Ame’

Japanese singer JUJU has released her latest single ^^ I wish she got more attention cuz her songs are quite good. Here’s the MV to ‘Ready for Love’. She cut her hair. And another MV for ‘桜雨 (Sakura Ame)’. It’s a drama MV and I teared up watching it. It’s sad T.T

[100226] KBS Music Bank

KARA’s Comeback Stage with ‘Lupin’ + ‘Umbrella’ + Interview ~~i have to say…i didn’t like any song on their mini album except ‘Lupin’ XD so ya ‘Umbrella’ bores me a bit ~~much better perf than yesterday! less backtrack too thank you! Gyuri looks way better w/ long hair…and Hara whoa looks like such a mini … Continue reading

SNSD for LG Cyon Maxx CF

SNSD’s new CF for LG Cyon Maxx phone. Doesn’t make me want the phone rly XD. CF isn’t anything special.

BEAST Reveals MV Teaser for ‘Shock’

Rookie boyband BEAST (formerly known as B2ST) is making their comeback! This is their MV teaser for comeback track, ‘Shock’ The songs sounds really good. I hear no autotune (which is GREAT!!! =D) and sounds like a nice rnb track. Yayz!

KARA + T-ara Make Comebacks on Mnet M! Countdown

KARA and T-ara both made their comeback stages on Mnet M! Countdown today. Here are the performances. I think I’m looking more forward to tomorrow’s show (MuBank) KARA with ‘Lupin’ + ‘Umbrella’ ~~backtrack is freaking loud, and you can hardly hear their actual voices. god M! Countdown’s sound system sucks so badly T-ara with ‘I … Continue reading

T-ara Reveals ‘I Go Crazy Because of You’ MV

T-ara’s ‘I Go Crazy Because Of You’ MV has been released! Their concept is ‘evil seduction’, and well like I  said before, black tight clothes? Seems like a lot of girlgroups are doing the black and sexy concept. (aka KARA and SNSD…SNSD will be doing ‘Black SoShi’ after ‘Oh!’) The song rly is reminscent of … Continue reading

Kanji + Romanji + Translated Lyrics to DBSK’s ‘Toki Wo Tomete’ Full Ver.

Lyrics to DBSK’s song ‘Toki Wo Tomete’ =D The lyrics I had up before was for the short 3min version. This is the full version. Love this song kekeee Source: BEST SELECTION 2010 & risagonta3928 @ youtube Translation: smiley @ OneTVXQ.com Special thanks: deevinne, ミ♥ Lovedust, linhkawaii, junsulv, Lexy @ OneTVXQ.com Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One … Continue reading


YAY! The making of KAT-TUN’s ‘The D-Motion’ PV! Eng subbed ^^ They crack me up KEKEE! looks like they had tons of fun filming “you’re not a maniac stripper” LOOLZ and “i think i have a cold”XD “why are you wearing sunglasses in the dark?” I THINK WE ALL KNOW WHO  THIS COMMENTED IS DIRECTED … Continue reading