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[100207] SBS Inkigayo

2AM with ‘Even if I Die, I Can’t Let You Go’ + #1!!
~~OMG HELL YES #1!!! 2AM FTW =DDDDD it’s their first #1 on a music show since their debut…WAAAAH CONGRATS x100000000000000000 WAAAH LOOK AT THEM ALL CRYING AWWWWWW
~~hahaha look at Taec and Wooyoung! they’re rly happy too ^^ one day boys <3

-Sulli (f(x)) Special Dance Stage
-U-Kiss' Comeback with 'Round and Round'
-Min Kyung Hoon's Comeback Stage with 'It is Love Since There is Pain'
-SNSD with 'Oh!'
-C.N. Blue with 'I'm a Loner'
~~they're under a LOT of heat right now cuz of plagiarism issues :S but it's not rly their fault…it's the producers and their company F&C's fault
-SeeYa + Davichi + T-ara with 'Wonder Woman'
-After School with 'When I Fall'
-Kim Jong Kook with 'It's That Person'
-ZE:A with 'Mazeltov'
-Untouchable ft. Narsha (Brown Eyed Girls) with 'Living in the Heart'
~~i'm so in love with this song. ya i'm a sucker for songs with piano bg music rofl. this song is so goooood!!!!!
-Gavy NJ ft. Mir (MBLAQ) with 'Sunflower'
-Hybrefine with 'You Can Fly'
-Rainbow with 'Not Your Girl'
-Yoon Hwa Jae In with 'Wings'
-Interview w/ U-Kiss

Sulli (f(x)) Special Dance Stage

U-Kiss’ Comeback with ‘Round and Round’

Min Kyung Hoon’s Comeback Stage with ‘This is Love Since There is Pain’

SNSD with ‘Oh!’

C.N. Blue with ‘I’m a Loner’

SeeYa + Davichi + T-ara with ‘Wonder Woman’

After School with ‘When I Fall’

Kim Jong Kook with ‘It’s That Person’

ZE:A with ‘Mazeltov’

Untouchable ft. Narsha (Brown Eyed Girls) with ‘Living in the Heart’

Gavy NJ ft. Mir (MBLAQ) with ‘Sunflower’

Hybrefine with ‘You Can Fly’

Rainbow with ‘Not Your Girl’

Yoon Hwa Jae In with ‘Wings’

Interview w/ U-Kiss


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