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Yunho (DBSK) in Evisu for Ceci Magazine + Best Selection 2010 Calendar Scans

Yes, I know Changmin’s Spur mag shoot was supposed to be last DBSK pic post for today but…then I saw theeese =P

Yunho, leader-shi, endorsing Evisu =D Previously there was a vid of him behindd the scenes for the photoshoot, and here are some official pics from Evisu ^^ for Ceci magazine! He looks SOOOO gooooooood *drools* keke he looks rly cute with those glasses =P

AND…scans from DBSK’s Best Selection 2010 calendar ^^ Yes, I do have the scans from the CD, 2CD, and 2CD+DVD for Best Selection 2010 (booket+covers) but I’m extremely lazy. I’m too lazy to upload so many pictures. Takes a lot of time. But if you REALLY want them…you can let me know here I guess, and I’ll think about it XD

credit: as tagged + baidu + DBSKnights + reup: moonlightunes
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3 thoughts on “Yunho (DBSK) in Evisu for Ceci Magazine + Best Selection 2010 Calendar Scans

  1. woah! Yunho’s pheromones are really hypnotizing! He’s so manly!

    Posted by tvxqfever | 100413, 8:13 PM
  2. oppa i love u

    Posted by thefoghh | 100813, 5:33 AM
  3. Yunho is swag. I wish I knew him.

    Posted by jendog | 130704, 1:12 AM

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