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Hyori Lee Reveals First Track ‘Swing’ ft. Garry (Leessang)

Hyori Lee has revealed the first track to her album H-Logic. It is NOT her title track. The song is called ‘Swing’, and features Garry of Leessang. It’s quite a different style from her usual songs. Advertisements

Ayumi Hamasaki’s ‘Lady Dynamite’ + ‘Sexy Little Things’ MVs Revealed

2 new PVs from Ayumi Hamasaki have been released! Both songs will be on her upcoming album Rock n’ Roll Circus, set to be released on the 14th of April. Lady Dynamite ~~wieeerd video hahahaa but the song’s pretty good. she looks like a doll when she’s wearing the wig =O but ya the MV … Continue reading

SNSD Reveals ‘Run Devil Run’ Story Version MV

OK I’m uber busy doing my marketing progress report so this is the only post today. The story version of SNSD’s ‘Run Devil Run’ MV has been released. The Black SoShi come out from the TV and start messing up the Oh girls house/dorm/apartment WTV. I find it rather ironic that it’s themselves scoffing at … Continue reading

Hangeul + Romanji Lyrics to Rain/Bi’s ‘Love Song (The Song That Will Get You)’

Hangeul and romanized lyrics to Rain/Bi’s new song, ‘Love Song (The Song That Will Get You)’. Don’t they look so couply on the cover? Awww. Enjoy the lyrics! credit: MelOn + thelapan + moonlightunes TAKE OUT WITH FULL CREDIT

Rain/Bi Releases Full Track ‘Love Song (The Song That Will Get You)’

Rain/Bi has released the full track for his comeback title song, ‘Love Song (The Song That Will Get You)’. From the teasers it sounded really good and…the full song sounds good too! Not hooked on it, but it’s only my first listen lol. Let’s see if I end up rly liking it.

Junsu’s (DBSK) Brother ZUNO (Kim Junho) Reveals Debut MV for ‘Let Me Go’

ZUNO (Kim Junho), the brother of Junsu of DBSK, had his debut showcase in China today. Other than that, his MV has been revealed! The song is ‘Let Me Go (Fang Kai Wo)’ and KAKA he sings ‘always keep the faith’ in the chorus. His Mandarin Chinese is incredibly accented with Korean but ah, what’d … Continue reading

Rain/Bi Reveals Second MV Preview to ‘Love Song (The Song That Will Get You)’

Rain/Bi has released another MV teaser to ‘Love Song (The Song That Will Get You)’! =D The first one didn’t get me too hyped, but this one definately has. I REALLY like the sound of the song. It’s already getting into my head!!!! Watch the first one HERE. Again, the album will be released on … Continue reading

Hyori Lee Reveals Comeback Album H-Logic Teaser

So kpop queen Hyori Lee is making her comeback soon. She just released her album teaser. Her album’s gonna be called H-Logic. Ok. So now that I’m done with this info, I’m going to comment. Erm…what the…I’m going to be very honest. I DON’T LIKE IT. >.< This screams LADY GAGA all over it, combined … Continue reading

SHINee for What’s In Magazine + Confirmed April Comebacks

SHINee in What’s In, a Japanese magazine =D The scans are super HQ woot woot! Obviously the photoshoot was a little bit back since Key and Jonghyun now have different hair (Jonghyun’s hair is back to dark brown and Key’s is less highlighted and the hair shape’s a little bit diff) Just this morning I … Continue reading

Kanji + Romanji + Translated Lyrics to NEWS’ ‘Sakura Girl’

Kanji, romanji, and translated lyrics to NEWS’ ‘Sakura Girl’. I posted the MV yesterday actually =P It’s a really nice song to listen to. Not amazing, but it’s pretty good. I really like the beat. credit: jpopasia + http://yaplog.jp/michan223/archive/946 + goro_chan @ lj TAKE OUT WITH FULL CREDIT