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[100312] KBS Music Bank

K.Will’s Comeback Stage ft. Eun Ji Won with ‘Present’
~~I LOVE THIS SONG TO DEATH! AND THE MV =D K.Will FTW! and such a nice setup too ^^

Under the cut:
-Epik High’s Comeback Stage with ‘Run’
~~yay! <3 Tablo's looking particularly good in this perf. i mean i nvr found him rly goodlooking (he's just average) but i dunno, maybe it's his hair and clothes combined with his stage presence? XD
-F.Cuz's Comeback with 'No One'
~~meh. all the boybands sound the same nowadays. ZE:A, BEAST, F.Cuz, MBLAQ, U-Kiss…the newer ones sound so similar. ugggh
~~nice change in style though for Yejun
-KARA with 'Lupin' + #1
~~congrats to them! ^^ their first K-Chart win
-Outsider with 'Acquaintance (Outsider)'
~~he's just so awesome
-T-ara with 'I Go Crazy Because of You'
-BEAST with 'Shock'
-Dae Guk Nam Ah (D-NA) with 'Tokyo Boy'
~~i sorta like the song more lately. Karam is so cute! he reminds me of that guy in I the Tri Tops (damn it was it Ban Hyung Moon? can't remember XD)
~~they have rly good vocals
-Dia ft. H-Eugene with 'Knock'
~~she's got a rly nice voice. ppl keep comparing her to Park Bom tho -.-
~~lol i NVR knew she was singing 'knock' in the chorus cuz it sounds like 'nononono' XD
-U-Kiss with 'Round and Round'
-Ahn Jin Kyung with 'Bad Person'

Epik High’s Comeback Stage with ‘Run’

F.Cuz’s Comeback with ‘No One’

KARA with ‘Lupin’ + #1

Outsider with ‘Acquaintance (Outsider)’

T-ara with ‘I Go Crazy Because of You’

BEAST with ‘Shock’

Dae Guk Nam Ah (D-NA) with ‘Tokyo Boy’

Dia ft. H-Eugene with ‘Knock’

U-Kiss with ‘Round and Round’

Ahn Jin Kyung with ‘Bad Person’


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