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Blast from the Past: AJ (Lee Ki Kwang) – Wipe the Tears ft. DooJoon + JunHyung (BEAST)

New er…section? LOL dunno what to call it. ANYWAY it’s gonna be called Blast from the Past, where I basically post up an old MV/song. When I mean old, I don’t mean extremely old, but at least a year old.

So for my first Blast from the Past post is none other than…AJ (Lee Ki Kwang) from BEAST! The former solo artist is now, as you guys probably know, under Cube Entertainment’s first boyband, BEAST. There was a whole controversy about his name VS Paran’s AJ, but let’s just not get into that.
Anyway, this adorable faced 19 year old with an amazing body sings well and dances well, and he released one single album last year called First Episode A New Hero, with title track ‘Dancing Shoes’. The single album featured ex-Wonder Girl and currenty 4Minute member, HyunA for his 3rd track ‘2009’ and his 4th track was called ‘Wipe the Tears’. This catchy RnB track featured DooJoon and JunHyung, who are now his fellow BEAST members! And this is the song I’m going to share.
I remember that when he came out, I wasn’t interested in him at all. ‘Dancing Shoes’ was meh, and I heard ‘2009’, which wasn’t bad. I was on vacation in HK actually, when I first watched the MV for ‘Wipe the Tears’, which is the track that really got to me. I watched it on TV, while watching Pops in Seoul, an Arirang music program that plays once a week in HK during offbeat times. He looked MUCH better (without his long straggly hair in ‘Dancing Shoes’ MV XD) and the chorus was positively addicting. I really liked the style of the song and got pretty hooked. It came as a disappointment to me that he was no longer going to be solo, and became a member of BEAST. However, he’s also the one that got me to pay attention to BEAST and get interested in ‘Bad Girl’. (I didn’t like the song at first, but then I watched the MV and got sort of…hooked? no of COURSE it’s nothing to do with him and his abs! HAHAHAAA) So, without further ado, ‘Wipe the Tears’ MV ft. DooJoon and JunHyung.

And…a performance (YoSeob’s there as a backup dancer btw!)


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