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Jaebum Creates a Youtube Account + ‘Nothing on You’ Cover

Some surprising news has surfaced.

Jay Park, none other than Jaebum who was 2PM’s leader and left, created a youtube account ‘jayparkaom’ of which he left a message and a cover of a song called ‘Nothing on You’. Here’s his message on the side…

Wassup everyone i’d like to thank all the fans that have been so nice to me, my family, my crew, thank you so much for all your love and support , created this youtube account so i can post up videos of just covers and whatever and you guys could watch so yeah check it out. Also i try to make every negative situation into a postive situation. saying or doing negative things arnt the right way to go in my opinion so less all just love and respect each other =) God Bless

*edit [100316]* Jaebum also added this message on his profile page on youtube…

2pm 욕은안했으면좋겠어요 애들착하고 좋은애들이예요 오해안하셨으면좋겠습니다. ^ ㅠ ^
[English translation: It would be nice if you didn’t cuss about 2pm. They’re nice and good kids. I hope you don’t misunderstand them. ^ ㅠ ^]
2pm fighting!
i dont want you guys to hate on 2pm on behalf of me cause i still love those guys and likewise. they’re still my homies. if you dont want to support them thats cool you know but i just want everyone to get along and move on and all do great things know what i’m sayin? =)

He looks to be happy and well. If only the rest of the world were…-.- He sounds pretty good too. Go HERE to see his yt account.

Now I never really put up news about him leaving officially or the crazy situation between Hottests and the remaining members of 2PM but here are my two cents, since this surfaced. Just remember, this is my opinion. I’m not saying it’s fact, it’s just how I interpret this situation to be.

Ok, so first up, the whole JYP + “6PM” VS Jaebum thing. As fans, it’s not possible to know everything about a situation so I don’t think accustations should be made. Sure, we can try and interpret things, but when accustations start being made, people start getting hurt. We are not JYP, nor Jaebum, nor any of the remaining 2PM members. We do not know what exactly happened. We cannot judge them. Second of all, is the attitude of some of the ex-Hottests. After the press conference, a lot of fan cafes closed down. I don’t really get this. There seems to be a LOT of hate toward the rest of 2PM and everything they do seems to be just blown way out of proportion. Like Taec’s message on a fan cafe about it being a new beginning and let’s move on together? People got so enraged. I’m sorry, but they DO need to move on. 2PM cannot sit in place, and weep and moan, letting their life come to a stop because Jaebum left. You cannot expect the whole world to come to an abrupt stop because of one person (not saying Jaebum isn’t important, of course). The world moves on. The way I interpret it (not saying it IS what Taec means), he is acknowledging that it is not the same without Jaebum. Otherwise, why would be a NEW BEGINNING? It isn’t the same old 2PM anymore without Jaebum. The 2PM now is different, but they must move on, and thus, it is a new beginning. Another thing; a lot of fans seem to be angry and 2PM for being ‘traitors’ and apparently leaving Jaebum in the dust. It seems like Jaebum is very happy back in Seattle bboying with AOM. As seen in the dance competition videos and the cover he just posted above, he seems to be pretty happy. Even his message conveys that people need to be more positive and be less hateful: “saying or doing negative things arnt the right way to go in my opinion so less all just love and respect each other ” For me, this is perhaps a signal that the things people are saying right now, and all the bad rumours, should end, because the world is not about hate and negativity. There’s enough of it in the world already, which is why we need more love and respect. (wow I’m analyzing this like it’s for my English paper or something HAHAA) I don’t believe what some ‘fans’ are doing is right. If you are a fan of 2PM, why would you make their lives miserable? 2PM was not created with Jaebum as a solo singer and the rest of them as backup dancers. Each played their own important roles. It is a loss that Jaebum has left but it does not mean that the rest of 2PM is equivalent to nothing. Those so-called ‘fans’ of 2PM are not fans in my eyes. You do not ditch a group and act like they’re trash. They are living, breathing, human beings too. It is understanding that there may be sadness and disappointment in Jaebum’s departure from 2PM but as I said before, people need to move on. It doesn’t meant to erase thoughts of Jaebum from life completely; it means to carry on with life with Jaebum in your heart. He still exists, and this youtube account only shows that he wishes to let fans know he’s thankful for their support. So yes, support him, but maybe take heed to his message as well; “less all just love and respect each other =)”

PHEW. Rant done. That’s all I thought up. For now. XD That was 600 words right there HAHAHAHA! If only it were just as easy to write all my papers.

*edit [100317]: Seems like my interpretation is correct. He wants people to stop hatin’ on the rest of 2PM. NOW IF PEOPLE WOULD LISTEN!


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2 thoughts on “Jaebum Creates a Youtube Account + ‘Nothing on You’ Cover

  1. Wow, i couldnt agree more wif u!
    U basically sum up everything on my mind!
    Even Jay himself has moved on,
    so ppl should stop being immature and get on wif their life too
    I really do hope that the rest of 2pm will stay strong…and keep on doing what they luv (and what i luv them to do ;D) even though anti-fans r driving them into the corner like a child throwing a tantrum when they dunt get what they want :P

    Ps. luv ur blog…thnks for all the lyrics!!!

    Posted by mickey | 100319, 9:07 PM
    • It’s good to know that there are people that think like me too. Indeed, there are some people who are just simply acting immature.

      and thanks! ^^ nice to know when people appreciate it

      Posted by moonlightunes | 100319, 10:47 PM

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