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[100319] KBS Music Bank

Lots of perfs today…

SNSD with ‘Run Devil Run’
~~my friends have mixed opinions about this song…some hate it (think Oh! is better) and others love it. meh i’m in between. it’s def better than ‘Oh!’ but i don’t love it
~~vocals are sorta weak…since MuBank does pure live and doesn’y play a rly loud backtrack, you can hear the artists’ vocal abilities rly well. Seohyun and Taeyeon did well, and Yoona surprisingly sounded pretty well for her little solo part, but the others…were only so-so. Jessica started the song and I went :S cuz she sounded off-key, Tiffany had her off-key moments too. Sunny did ok as well. Overall, I felt they lacked their usual energy…however, it’s their 1st perf so let’s just see how they do for their 2nd perf
~~on the appearance note…some of their hair…is >.< and not rly digging the costumes either

Under the cut:
-Brian's Special Stage with Jason Derulo with 'In My Head'
~~like today's perf more than yesterday's on M! Countdown. LOOOL at the song subs XD KBS spelt stuff wrong HAHAHA
-JJ's Comeback Stage with 'Intro' + 'More and More (Come Closer)'
~~ZOMG i've fallen in love w/ this song due to the fact it sounds like Taru + Clazziquai + As One combined. I LOVE As One to death! It sucks they haven't released stuff for quite a while now.
~~she sounds pretty good live! a few glitches but other than that pretty good!
-Supreme Team's Comeback with 'Step Up!'
-Cho PD's Comeback Stage ft. Jung Seul Ki with 'Given Advice'
~~he'll be leaving the music industry after promoting his last album.
~~i found this perf was really quite good! his rap was good and Jung Seul Ki sounded amazing as usual
-KARA with 'Lupin' + #1
~~grats to them. there was a little messup with the subtitles for the scores between T-ara and Kara…ahhh poor T-ara…got their hopes raised and then smashed XD
-Outsider with 'Acquaintance'
-K.Will ft. H-Eugene with 'Present'
-T-ara with 'I Go Crazy Because of You'
-BEAST with 'Shock'
-Dae Guk Nam Ah (D-NA) with 'Tokyo Boy'
-Untouchable ft. Song Ji Eun (Rainbow) with 'Living in the Heart'
-U-Kiss with 'Round and Round'
-Dia ft. JQ with 'Knock'
-Kim Jong Kook with 'Can't Be Forgotten'

Brian’s Special Stage with Jason Derulo with ‘In My Head’

JJ’s Comeback Stage with ‘Intro’ + ‘More and More (Come Closer)’

Supreme Team’s Comeback with ‘Step Up!’

Cho PD’s Comeback Stage ft. Jung Seul Ki with ‘Given Advice’

KARA with ‘Lupin’ + #1

Outsider with ‘Acquaintance’

K.Will ft. H-Eugene with ‘Present’

T-ara with ‘I Go Crazy Because of You’

BEAST with ‘Shock’

Dae Guk Nam Ah (D-NA) with ‘Tokyo Boy’

Untouchable ft. Song Ji Eun (Rainbow) with ‘Living in the Heart’

U-Kiss with ‘Round and Round’

Dia ft. JQ with ‘Knock’

Kim Jong Kook with ‘Can’t Be Forgotten’


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