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SHINee for What’s In Magazine + Confirmed April Comebacks

SHINee in What’s In, a Japanese magazine =D The scans are super HQ woot woot! Obviously the photoshoot was a little bit back since Key and Jonghyun now have different hair (Jonghyun’s hair is back to dark brown and Key’s is less highlighted and the hair shape’s a little bit diff)

Just this morning I was rewatching a super HD ver of SHINee performing for the 200th episode special for MuCore and they did ‘Replay’ and then ‘Ring Ding Dong’. I miss them!!! Watched it like 3 times HAHAA! But ya I wish they would do a song that’s similar to ‘Replay’ because that’s what made me fall in love with these shiny boys (HAHA) and I have to say it was their best song. Not that their other songs aren’t good, they are, but ‘Replay’ was the best.

As you know new hairstyles=comeback. I’m totally looking forward to it! ^^ I saw on SFI (shinee forums international) that SHINee is CONFIRMED TO MAKE A COMEBACK IN APRIL. Actually I’ll just paste the list of confirmed April comebacks =P Normally I’d just put it in a separate post but wtv, since I’m talking about SHINee, I’m just gonna stick it here. SOOO many awesome comebacks! There’s gonna be some INTENSE competition!!!

MBLAQ – Single
Davichi – Mini Album
Uhm Jung Hwa
Lee Hyori – 4th Album
Son Dambi – 2nd Album
Rain – Mini Album
Baek Ji Young – Single
Wonder Girls – First US Album
Rainbow – 1st Album
2PM – Single
SHINee – 2nd Album

source: omonatheydidnt
credit: SHINee Forums
source finder: 2MINheart

Anyway, without further ado, we have the scans =P

credit: nati + winkme @ sfi + reup: moonlightunes
TAKE OUT WITH FULL CREDIT + reup if hotlinking

They look good! Taemin’s side profile pic is =DDD man he is total jailbait XD Nunan is totally *o* right now! Jonghyun’s full body pic is ahhhhh! XD I can never name my fave SHINee member cuz I just love them all. I switch fave members constantly depending on what I’m watching/listening to/looking at HAHAA
Comments please if taking? Took me AGES to upload -.- stupid wp.


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4 thoughts on “SHINee for What’s In Magazine + Confirmed April Comebacks

  1. they look sooooooooooo oh GOD sooooooooo great*-*
    thanks <3

    Posted by shineegirl | 100328, 1:23 PM
  2. @shineegirl
    they really do look good =D and np ^^

    Posted by moonlightunes | 100329, 7:47 PM
  3. eles sao meu vicio de comsumo,eles sao tao,perfeitos,meu Deus obrigada por eu poder disfrutar cada trasos cada mudansa que eles tem e fasem,obrigada,obrigada e obrigada.
    eu quero me casar com os meus meninos SHINee;;

    Posted by adrieli | 100402, 5:56 PM
  4. Ohmygah they look so good! I feel the same way as you.. my favorite member changes according to my mood or whenever I learn something new about them. Gah I love these boys!! =D

    Posted by woohoo | 100421, 5:49 PM

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