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Junsu’s (DBSK) Brother ZUNO (Kim Junho) Reveals Debut MV for ‘Let Me Go’

ZUNO (Kim Junho), the brother of Junsu of DBSK, had his debut showcase in China today. Other than that, his MV has been revealed! The song is ‘Let Me Go (Fang Kai Wo)’ and KAKA he sings ‘always keep the faith’ in the chorus. His Mandarin Chinese is incredibly accented with Korean but ah, what’d we expect? I understands a few phrases here and there (I’m canto), and my friend who’s Mando understands a few phrases here and there too. That set looks awfully familiar too XD Other than that, the voice is very different from Junsu’s (IMO). Anyway, watch the MV. I have nothing left to say haha.


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from HKG > YVR > YUL > YYC 23 year old Hong Konger/Canadian with love for clothes and makeup, and always looking for a good bite!


4 thoughts on “Junsu’s (DBSK) Brother ZUNO (Kim Junho) Reveals Debut MV for ‘Let Me Go’

  1. wooo~~ another canto’er who is into dbsk :D
    haha but i have to say that Junho’s pronunciation is really bad ==” oh Junho can’t you debut in korea ;_;
    OMO did you see junsu at 2:52?? hahah he’s wearing a sparkly poncho with smexii sunglasses ;) but grr the girl!!
    btw i thought the song was (fang kai wo) aka let me go???

    Posted by campcanto | 100329, 2:49 AM
  2. @campcanto
    hahaha ooh yes i’m TOTALLY into dbsk alright! and ya the pronunciation really is bad XDDD
    and yes it did look like junsu! so…diff from his usual style though o.o which makes me question whether it rly is him or not
    LOL you’re right. for some reason even tho i was thinking fang kai wo i wrote fang bu kai XD fail. thx for correcting me

    Posted by moonlightunes | 100329, 7:09 PM
  3. Junsu isn’t in the MV! ^^ It’s confirmed! ^^ The girl in the MV nwas lee Seong Min who’s a good friend of Junho! ^^

    Posted by samseulgi87 | 100405, 1:57 AM
  4. i looked at it… and i swear(this is just me) but the guy in the poncho and sunglasses… it looks like Jaejoong to me… but that’s just me… haha XD

    Posted by E_G098 | 110425, 6:56 PM

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