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Full Length Preview to Junsu (DBSK)’s ‘Kanashimi No Yukue’

A FULL length (LQ 128 kbps) preview to Junsu’s ‘Kanashimi No Yukue’ has been revealed =D WOOT WOOT! It’s for Yoochun’s Japanese acting debut. An OST track for Beautiful Love. There’s some info regarding Junsu’s solo single under the cut. The single’s called Kanashimi no Yukue, and 2 other tracks will be on the single, … Continue reading

Hangeul + Romanized + Translated Lyrics to Gummy’s ‘As a Man’

Hangeul and romanji lyrics to Gummy’s new title track, ‘As a Man’. Enjoy! I’ll be posting up translations later once I find them. But for now, here’s the MV with eng subs… edit 100502: just added trans =D credit: Mnet + thelapan + moonlightunes + yubseyo @ wp TAKE OUT WITH FULL CREDIT

[100430] KBS Music Bank – 2PM + Rain/Bi + Hyori Lee + Secret + Chung Lim Comebacks + SNSD Goodbye Stage

KBS Music Bank has finally resumed since the naval accident. Anyway, here’s the lineup and perfs…there’s a lot of good ones…there’s A LOT of perfs actually. not complaining! =D 2PM’s Comeback Stage with ‘Don’t Stop Can’t Stop’ + ‘Without U’ ~~ performance wise they did better than their first comeback stage (usually the second comeback … Continue reading

Gummy’s ‘As a Man’ MV + f(x)’s ‘NU ABO’ MV Teaser

Gummy’s full MV ‘As a Man’ ft. Kim Hyun Joong (SS501) and actress Jung Ryeo Won =D ~~i’ve seen Ryeo Won in several dramas and she always looks so skinny. but she looks rly pretty in the MV ~~the MV is rly cute. there’s a nice storyline, a mini drama. ~~i like ‘There is No … Continue reading

e.via’s ‘Shake!’ MV is #1 and Gaining Attention

Petite rapper e.via released her new mini album Must Have and the MV to her title track, ‘Shake!’ yesterday. It’s been getting a lot of attention from netizens. She went up to #1 on GomTV Some are saying it’s inappropriate and others think it’s ok. I think it’ll probably get banned XD Her company said … Continue reading

FT Island Releases ‘Flower Rock’ MV

F.T Island has released the MV to their debut Japanese track, ‘Flower Rock’! =D I’m LOVING it. Hongki sounds amazing, I’ve gotta say. He really sounds great in this song. Seems like everyone grew out their hair. Everyone has long hair. Not sure if I’m liking it…Jaejin should cut his hair for sure. Jonghoon looks … Continue reading

F.Cuz ft. Yao Yao for ‘Jiggy (Chinese version)’

I wasn’t even going to post today LOL but then I saw this while doing my daily round of music updates… Yes. F.Cuz is singing ‘Jiggy’ in Mandarin Chinese with what’s-her-face, Yao Yao. She’s a Taiwanese singer…*cough* Yea if you can’t tell, I don’t like her. I don’t like her voice when she sings, and … Continue reading

[100427] MV + Preview w/ SNSD + FT Island + T-ara

For today… SNSD’s MV/CF for LG Cooky ~~the song’s a remake of ‘Micky’. instead, they say ‘Cooky’ ~~sorry but…waaay too much sweetness and cuteness for me to handle. it’s extremo cute. nauseating cute. for me anyway. my friend Chris was just like ‘it’s soo ADORABLE!’ *rolls eyes* F.T Island’s Promo Teaser for ‘Flower Rock’ ~~they’ve … Continue reading

Junsu (DBSK) Scans for ELLE Men (May) + Harper Bazaar + Smart Magazines

OK so I totally feel obligated to update today as I said yesterday night…or more like today at 1 in the morning LOLZ for some reason though I feel like I have nothing to update. So yar then I found some Junsu photoshoot scans from 2 magazines. One for a Japanese magazine called Harper Bazaar … Continue reading

[100419] Mnet A-Live Performances w/ G.O (MBLAQ) + J + Mate + Jung Yeop (Brown Eyed Soul)

Recently a series of A-Live singles have been released. What they are is beasically recordings of various artists singing live on a Mnet show called A-Live. The most recent single released featured indie band Mate, G.O from MBLAQ, Jung Yeop of Brown Eyed Soul and J. Here’s two performances I found on YT from the … Continue reading