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Jaejoong (DBSK)’s an an Magazine Preview Vid + Pictures

I dunno if you guys know, but Jaejoong of DBSK is going to have a photoshoot for the April issue of an an magazine. It’ll be out on the 7th. The magazine is known to have some artistic photoshoots where celebs pose nude (Matsumoto Jun of Arashi, Jin and Kame of KAT-TUN are some examples of celebs). However, we can be pretty sure that Jaejoong will NOT be doing one of these.
Here is a preview/BTS from TV and…photo previews =D I chose this preview cuz the other ones from other channels/shows are about the same (if not shorter) and this one has subs.

Zoom In (w/ eng subs)
~~ZOMG *spazzes* i love the commentator LOL ‘will he show us? will he not?’ back and forth. and Jae going “kimchi~!’ is SOO CUTE!!! FANGIRLING FANGIRLING FANGIRLINGGGGGGG!! Not rly digging the clothes too much but WTV IT’S JAEJOONGGGG =P Rly like his outfit when he’s on the couch and also the white tee w/ red on it…NOT liking the striped pants and jacket he wore on top of his white tee before taking it off. AND THE UGLY WHITE SHOES HE WORE WITH THE ‘sexy shirt’ HAHHAAA (they actually called it that LOLZ) But waaah he’s such a  tease…look at him, lifting his tee up KEKEKEEEE!!! *dies*

And pictures!
credit: kokayz @ lj + sanspo.com

Loving all the pics except the 2nd…just because of the outfit. Top is so girly!! >.< and the pants color is o.o doesn’t match his shirt color. Whoever was the stylist…needs to be more fired than not, even tho SOME of the clothes were ok.


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