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Showcase: New 8 Member Taiwanese Mixed Group dance flow with ‘Come On! Come On!’ MV

Don’t usually post much cpop but…this group got me interested.

dance flow. A new group composed of 4 guys and 4 girls from Taiwan under Avex Taiwan. Their debut song and MV is directly below, and it’s called ‘Come On! Come On!’ Their dancing’s pretty good and their clothes remind me of 2NE1/4Minute/Big Bang XD The singing sounds good from what I can tell, but then again, it’s studio-recorded and there’s plenty of autotune. I like Lin and Iris’ voices. The guys all sound rly similar to me tho LOL

Just pleasantly surprised that cpop is improving though. I could imagine a kpop group singing and dancing to this. Lyrics are crap though. Surprise HAHHAA they’re taking a kpop turn. Sorry but ya kpop is going downhill. A lot of kpop lyrics are so stupid and sound like nonsense nowadays.

SO, They all represent a colour and on their debut album df 1 every song represents a colour. Interesting concept. Anyway, there’s one guy called Takeshi. I dunno if he’s actually Japanese or just uses a Japanese name to sound cool LOL. Other members include Air (LOLOLOLOL), ok erm Indigo), Lin (Red), Sam (Blue), WaWa (Yellow), DinDin (Orange), Dennis (Purple), Iris (Pink), and Takeshi (Green).

I just wanna comment that wooow the best quality is only 480p FAIL on Avex Taiwan’s part. Would’ve expected 1080p from a big company like that…

More info below:

Here’s a whole review sorta thing in Chinese about the group.

dance flow 首張專輯
身體是流動的空氣;在音樂中大.口.呼. 吸!
潮流是態度 想像是舞步 夢想是舞台

dance flow= df = 青春、個性、創意、流行
dance flow的精神:身體是流動的空氣;在音樂中大.口.呼.吸!

【df 1】的音樂風格= 網路語言、多變曲風、創意舞步all in one,就好像身體是流動的空氣,在音樂、舞蹈、想像、語言的世界任意呼吸一樣,自由自在。整張專輯以電子、節奏、復古、swing融合嘻哈等各式曲風的 舞曲來表現df多樣舞風;以節奏藍調、中板抒情歌來表達df年輕的愛情觀;歡樂POP曲風則展現出df最校園青春的活力。df的歌詞裡傳達潮世代的網路語 言,年輕、愛情,在潮世代裡,沒有不可能,無界的虛擬概念,創意無限,想像延伸。 – crimsonrain

A rough translation (no. seriously. it’s rough. doing it on the spot and not editing rofl). Take out with credits to moonlightunes + crimsonrain please.

Taiwan’s first group in history composed of 4 male and 4 female to make up an 8 member singing, dancing, acting group, dance flow.  A body is moving air; when in music, take a deep breath! Trend is attitude, imagination is dance, dream is the dance floor. dance flow=df= youthfulness, peresonality, creativity, trend. dance flow’s motto:  A body is moving air; when in music, take a deep breath! [df 1]’s musical genre= internet language, everchanging song type, creative dance step all in one, just like the world of where body is moving air, in music, dancing, imagination, language is the same as breathing, full of freedom. the entire album’s electronics, rhythm, vintageness, swing fusion etc. dance types of songs can demonstrate df’s many dance types; rhythm with blues, traditional love songs to express df’s young love perpectives; happy POP type of songs can show df’s school-like youthful energy. df’s lyrics sends out modern society’s network language, youthfulness, love, and in the modern world, nothing is impossible, a world without fake beliefs/concepts, unlimited creativity, extensive imagination.


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from HKG > YVR > YUL > YYC 23 year old Hong Konger/Canadian with love for clothes and makeup, and always looking for a good bite!


2 thoughts on “Showcase: New 8 Member Taiwanese Mixed Group dance flow with ‘Come On! Come On!’ MV

  1. do u know where we can download their album and the MV???

    Posted by Impending Doom... | 100417, 12:33 AM
    • @Impending Doom
      eh i don’t really want to encourage people to download…but i understand people usually don’t have the money to buy albums, or don’t have access to shopping online due to no credit card…so i guess i’ll give you a site: go to crimsonrain.com for the album. as for the MV, i have no idea.

      Posted by moonlightunes | 100417, 12:17 PM

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